The EMA Course Quality Advisory Board

Who we are

 The Course Quality Advisory Board (CQAB) is an independent advisory body that operates on a voluntary basis as part of the Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association (EMA). Its members have not and do not receive financial incentives for their CQAB-related activities. Internally, CQAB has two main separate structures:


  1. EMA Student Advisor function that assists students of Erasmus Mundus courses with pressing quality issues through the email account

  2. The Course Quality Student Services (CQSS) initiative, conducted by the CQAB Survey Team

CQAB was created to facilitate a quality Erasmus Mundus experience for all students, regardless of their course. To accomplish this, CQAB has designed a variety of tools to capture student concerns and to facilitate meaningful dialogue between student representatives from various programmes. Our most comprehensive and systematic initiative focused on quality assurance is the CQSS survey. The inception and design of the CQSS survey is rooted in the complexity of the EMJMD student experience and driven by two distinct factors: (1) the perceived issues around quality across joint degree courses, and (2) the general underrepresentation of students in the systemic evaluation of EMJMD programmes.

Our current team

 The work of CQAB would not exist and could not continue without the support of numerous committed volunteers spread all across the world, driven by a strong motivation to help improve the quality of EMJMD courses. The requirements for the most recent call for volunteers can be found here. An updated list of CQAB members is available at here.

How to become a member

 EMA members can join CQAB through a competitive selection process that takes place yearly in the fall. More details about how to apply? will be available here after the next call for applications is launched in the fall of 2016.

Contact us

For general inquiries about our work, the CQSS survey and Course Browser, please send us an e-mail at cqab.char(at)em-a(dot)eu

To address immediate quality concerns, please contact

For information on how to raise concerns about your Erasmus Mundus experience, please review the guidelines set forth by the EACEA.