EMA Networks and Networks Management Board (NMB)

EMA Network is a group comprised of like-minded EMA members united by common professional or social interests and working towards clearly defined goals via information sharing and services. In EMA internal structure Networks fall under Professional Development service team. EMA sees Networks as the equivalent of chapters but organized by principles other than geographical location. Networks' purpose is to support EMA members in specific professional and social domains, develop members’ expertise in particular areas of engagement, as well as to promote Erasmus Mundus as the programme of excellence by European Commission. Networks also create the perfect platform to share ideas and to partner with other organizations/individuals, empowering team members to develop projects using the expertise gained in their EM programs.

At the moment, there are 8 EMA Networks: EMA Women, Sust-EMA-bility, LGBT, GeoMundus, PhD Network, Human[i]ties perspective, International Network of Innovators in Education (INIE) and Entrepeneur Network. And there is always space for more.

EMA does not impose on its Networks’ internal workings. In fact, we believe that the Networks should be able to find the most suitable way to define in details their goals and run their activities. However, Networks shall be subject to the EMA Networks and Networks Management Board Directive. In accordance to this, Networks are expected to develop their own directive that includes aim, objectives, membership, and organizational structure and furnish a copy to the SC and NMB. In general all Networks should:

•    Represent the interests of EMA in professional and social fields/capacities.
•    Be open to all EMA members.
•    Have a global scope.
•    Be built on a foundation of long term goals that ensure continuity.
•    Work together within existing EMA structures such as Chapters and Service Teams in order to avoid overlapping actions and to build synergies.

2014 marked a new step in EMA Networks development – Networks Management Board has been created. It is comprised of representatives of each of officially recognized Networks and acts as a platform for discussions between Networks as well as a medium between Networks and Steering Committee and other EMA bodies. It also is in charge of guiding candidates for new Networks through the application process and probationary period as well as providing recommendations to the SC regarding granting them official Network status.

Templates can be found here for the annual reports  and the application form for new Networks.

Are you interested in launching a new network: either professional or social or have questions / suggestions? Then get in touch with the Networks Management Board.