EMA Professional Networks

At the initiative of the EMA members Humanities professional network and EMA's Professional Network in Education have been established already!


Are you intersted in launching a professional network in your field?


EMA sees Professional Networks (PNs) as the equivalent of chapters on the professional level. We see them as clusters of EMA members grouped under a common professional field and working on a common goal of professional networking and collaboration.

EMA does not impose on its Professional Networks how they should work. In fact, we believe that the networks should be able to find the most suitable way to define in details their goals and run their activities. However, in order to consider them as official Professional Networks of EMA, they need to comply with the following characteristics:

  1. Represent the interests of EMA members in the professional field: the idea behind EM Professional Networks is to have groups focused on their professional field developing actions towards the professional development of the EM members of that field. As a consequence of that, their mission, objective and activities should represent the interest of its members and be aligned with their professional development.
  2. It should be open to all EMA members: there is no requirement on how PNs should organize themselves. They can opt for a centralized or decentralized management board, for service-oriented roles or location-oriented roles. It is up to them to decide. However, they must allow any EMA member to join and participate. Above that, its structure should be democratic enough to enable any of their members to achieve decision-making positions.
  3. Be composed of only EMA members: EMA definitely wants to see the PNs interacting with other professional groups and individuals. Other stakeholders can be partners or carry some sort of affiliated membership. However, what makes EMA Professional Networks so interesting and successful is that all members are EM alumni or students.
  4. Be global: as both Erasmus Mundus and EMA are global, it is expected that the PNs will have a global scope. PNs may organize themselves in branches/groups and develope actions in different regions. They may also concentrate physical activities in a location which is most suitable for the group. But they must not restrict their goals to a specific region.
  5. Non profit scope: PNs should not aim at making a profit for its members. They should find funding for their activities and maintenance and these funds should be applied in the PN.
  6. Have continuity: PNs must not be built with the intent of a short life-span, but rather, organizers of the network should foresee long-term continuity. They should try to build mechanisms on the PN structure ensuring that the network remains alive with the passing of the time.
  7. Cooperation with existing EMA structure: PNs should work together in cooperation with EMA Chapters and Service Teams in order to avoid overlapping actions and to obtain synergies. 

If somehow, your idea of PN does not comply with one of those items but you think that it should be considered as a PN, please contact the EMA Professional Development team.

As, EMA’s Professional Networks are new, EMA’s support will be evolve with the growth of those network. EMA can already support the professional networks in the following ways: 

- Support in the realization of events (certain funding is available) 
- Official e-mail  accounts
- EMA official mailing list
- Space on our public website in a format similar to what is provided to chapters
- Space on EMA community website (which will allow you to create and manage collaborative groups)
- Possibility to promote your network and related activities or news through EMA communication channels (EMA facebook, EMA website news section, EMA magazine, EMA newsletter and twitter)
- Possibility to use EMAs brand;
- Support to launch surveys, elections or campaigns on our website

With any requests, questions or suggestions, please contact the EMA Professional Development team