Graduate Impact Survey

Evaluating the impact

What do new students and prospective students expect from a European masters programme, and how do Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses fulfil these expectations?
Which opportunities for career and personal development do EMMCs already offer and which will they be able to offer in the future?

Quality assurance

For Erasmus Mundus, the assurance of long-term quality and relevance of its course programmes is of utmost importance.
Students’ and alumni’s needs and expectations are essential, because it is their suggestions and contributions that can lead to the programme’s decisive improvement.
This is why the European Commission, in cooperation with the intercultural service provider ICUnet.AG, is performing a long-term evaluation study of the Erasmus Mundus Master programme.

Questions and more questions

The study lasts a period of four years in total. The target group of participants includes EMA members before and several years after completing their studies, academic advisors, and employers of EM alumni.  
The study includes in-depth interviews as well as a comprehensive periodic online survey. All questioning is performed anonymously, and in strict observance of data protection regulations.

Identifying personal strengths

The survey contains questions regarding career perspectives and the development of skills acquired through the programme, as well as personal and social development.
Participation in the study thus allows students or alumni the opportunity to have a profile of their personal strengths and cultural imprint produced, anonymously and without cost.