Archive: EMA members report


EMA Promotion event in Romania, 20 May 2014

Tamas Kovecsi, a highly motivated and ambitious graduate of the Erasmus Mundus program called „SUSCOS” (Sustainable Constructions under natural hazards and catastrophic events) organized an informative event...


Joint Seminar on Critical Media Literacy 16-17 May 2014

To mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, EMA joins hands with OCEANS Network and European Network Against Racism - ENAR on 16-17 May 2014 in Brussels.


SC Meeting in Berlin 10-11 May 2014

Last weekend, the EMA Steering Committee came together in Berlin to discuss planning for the upcoming GA activities as well as to have strategic discussions and make decisions for the future of the...


PRnet Webinar 17 May 2014

EMA Programme Representatives Webinar preparing for the General Assembly


The EMA Football Team in Action!

Twenty-three Erasmus Mundus students from fourteen countries came together in Berlin to spend five amazing days playing football, cheering for the Mundus United Teams, and exploring Germany´s capital. One...