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Pre-departure Event Held Successfully at EU Delegation to China, 11 July, Beijing

With EMA’s co-support, around fifty new EM awardees were welcomed to the Delegation of the European Union to China, Beijing, on 11 July, prior to their departure to Europe. A report by Cheng Zhang, EMACC


first Mathematical Modeling Workshop (MaMoW), 14-18 July 2014, Italy

“Mathematicians stand on each other shoulders” said Carl Friedrich Gauss.Three months ago a group of Erasmus Mundus students and alumni of MathMods – Mathematical Modelling in Engineering: Theory, Numerics,...


EMA Taking Erasmus+ to Ghana with Delegation of the EU, Tamale and Accra

This integrated event was organised under the auspices of the African Chapter Presidency in collaboration with the EU delegation in Ghana from the 24th-25th June, 2014.