18.07.2012 11:39

EMA is represented at the EM-iDEA Conference in Vilnius

Three EMA members were recently in Vilnius, Lithuania to speak on various issues regarding Erasmus Mundus at the third regional EM-iDEA Conference, held on July 13, 2012.

The purpose of the EM-iDEA is to gather together the greater EM community in order to Disseminate, Exchange, and Act with the goal of finding ways to strengthen and improve the EM program. At Vilnius University, EM course coordinators and others affiliated with EM came together for a fruitful day of presentations and discussions.
During the morning session, EMA member Aimee Haley presented on the newly created EMA Course Quality Advisory Board (EMA C-QAB). She spoke on the goals and mission of the Board in addition to the activities planned for the next year. Conference participants appeared to be in great support of this new initiative by EMA!
In the afternoon, EMA members Rikke Andersen and Alessandra Gallerano facilitated a workshop on the best way for the EM community to communicate with students. In this session, they provided examples of the methods EMA uses to communicate with its members, as well as ideas for promoting the EM program to European students. A good discussion with idea swapping among workshop participants followed their presentation. 
The EM-iDEA Conference in Vilnius came during the middle of a series of six conferences that will be held over the course of the next year. The next conference will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia October 2-3, 2012.

Aimee Haley, Member of the EMA Course Quality Advisory Board