Erasmus Mundus Master Courses

Scholarships to get a Masters Degree in Europe for students from all over the world


Erasmus Mundus Master Courses (EMMCs):  

  • are joint Master level study programmes carried out by consortia of European universities
  • provide scholarships for students from the whole world to study in Europe 
  • give the students a chance to study at least two European countries
  • offer double or joint Master degrees at the end of successful completion of the programme

There are more than 130 Master programmes in a variety of fields of study: 

You can find all running courses through this link.
The selection results for EMJMDs here and for EMMCs (per year) here.

The European Commission is responsible for the running of the Erasmus Mundus Programme. It manages the budget and sets priorities, targets and criteria for the Programme. Furthermore, it guides and monitors the general implementation, follow-up and evaluation of the Programme at European level. The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) is responsible for the implementation of the Erasmus Mundus Programme. 

Tips on applying for Erasmus Mundus scholarship