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Call for Applications: Selection of the Management Board 2022-2023.

Management Board (Ad-Interim) Selection 2022-2023 

Given the special circumstances and only one year term remaining for the present Management Board, we are currently recruiting the Directors at ad-interim positions. This will allow candidate to experience the role and responsibilities well and also give a chance to get selected again for the two regular terms and contribute to EMA in the best possible manner. 

Director of Policy and Quality Assurance Unit

EMA is looking to appoint the Director of Policy and Quality Assurance. This unit deals with both internal and external EMA stakeholders, and cooperates with all other organisational units in order to achieve common goals. 

Full job description here.

Director of Research and Innovation Unit

EMA is looking to appoint a Director of Research and Innovation. The research and innovation unit focuses on identifying adequate directions and opportunities as well as innovative areas for EMA projects.

Full job description here.

Director of Communications & IT Unit

EMA is looking forward to appointing a Director of Communications & IT who will be responsible for EMA's internal and external communication activities. 

Full job description here.

Director of Partnership Development Unit

EMA is looking forward to appointing the Director of Partnership Development who will manage EMA’s internal and external partners to ensure long term financial and organisational sustainability. 

Full job description here.

How can I apply?

Application details, including the list of required documents as well as the link to the application form for the MB director positions can be found in the respective job description linked above. 

Application Documents for Management Board Directors:

  • Proof of approval as an Ordinary member from the community portal; 

  • CV / Resume stating only relevant experience for the position;

  • Motivation letter (max 200 words);

  • Presentation deck (max 5 slides including: About You, Motivation, Plan for 1 Year Term);

  • Video/Audio pitch (maximum 1,5 mins):

    • What do you plan to contribute to EMA?

    • How do you want to lead your Unit?

    • What is your leadership style - what type of leader are you?

  • 2 Recommendation letters containing contact details (email and phone number).

Application Deadline: 24 July 2022 (23:59 CEST)


Please read EMA’s Statutes and Internal Regulations to ensure you understand your rights and full scope of responsibilities of the position. 


For any questions or queries, please contact

Management Board Selection Key Dates - deadline

All the successful applications will be reviewed and called for an interview on a 'First Come First Serve' basis.

So, don't wait for the last deadlines, go apply now!

12 July

Call for Applications opens


24 July

Close application process (23:59 CEST)


25 July

Final eligibility checks


26 July

Shortlisting of eligible candidates & set up interview schedule

27-29 July

Online interviews conducted by the EMA President, & the selection committee

01 August

Appointment of the EMA board by the EMA President 

For any further details with regards to the Presidential voting or Management Board selection process, please check EMA’s Statutes, Internal Regulation and the Electoral Policy.


For any additional questions, please contact:

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