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Call for Applications: Selection of the Management Board 2023-2025

Management Board Selection 2024-2025

The EMA Management Board is recruiting for a PQA Director for a one-year term, the remaining for the present Management Board. The candidate will experience the role and responsibilities and also have a chance to get selected again for another regular term and contribute to EMA in the best possible manner.

The Erasmus Mundus Student & Alumni Association (EMA) is looking to appoint a Director of Policy and Quality Assurance who will be responsible for EMA's internal and external stakeholders and cooperate with all other organisational units to achieve common goals. From the back-end/internal perspective, the Unit is tasked with creating all policy documents that an international organisation such as EMA. From the front-end viewpoint, the PQA Unit works with current students, programme consortia and universities (in addition to EMA’s members) to develop, maintain and guarantee the quality of the Erasmus Mundus experience. 

Given the special circumstances, we are currently recruiting for a PQA Director for the one-year term remaining for the present Management Board 2023-2025. This will allow the candidate to experience the role and responsibilities and give them a chance to get selected again for another regular term while contributing to EMA in the best possible manner.

Link to full job description here.

Candidate Profile


  • Ordinary EMA member

  • Exceptional organisational skills and high attention to detail;

  • Team spirit and the ability to work independently;

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;

  • Able to work with a diverse group of people and across time zones and coordinate work with a geographically distributed team;

  • Commitment and focus to work for the continuous improvement of EMA.



  • Expertise in consultancy, policy-making and drafting;

  • Expertise in reporting and report presentation to various stakeholders;

  • An understanding of basic statistics and analytical skills.



  • To develop EMA's short, medium and long policies, and the required instruments and/or tools for their implementation;

  • To ensure the excellence, quality and efficiency of the Erasmus Mundus programmes by conducting surveys on graduate impact, course quality assurance and degree recognition and other relevant surveys; 

  • To facilitate a quality Erasmus Mundus experience for all students, regardless of their course and work in close collaboration with the Student and Alumni Relations Unit;

  • To compile student feedback on programmes, to maintain or improve their quality and collaborate with the quality assurance committees of various Erasmus Mundus consortia;

  • To offer support for EMA programmes during the accreditation and quality assurance process for new and existing courses, following the European accreditation approach;

  • To contribute to the quality and efficiency of internationalisation and jointness of the higher education sector;

  • To strengthen the dialogue on education, policy, environmental, social, political and economic development.


For detailed objectives and functions of the Policy and Quality Assurance Unit, refer to EMA’s Internal Regulations, clause 2.


Potential Benefit

The position is on a volunteer basis, and you will be able to:

  • Gain international multidisciplinary experience in non-profit organisation management;

  • Develop a strategic mindset and leadership skills;

  • Develop a profound understanding of EU Higher education and political landscape;

  • Contribute towards addressing societal challenges and be a positive influencer;

  • An inclusive and friendly work environment;

  • Access to a unique network and other services;

  • Occasionally, sponsored international travel when required for meetings or events, such as the EMA General Assembly, ESAA Capacity Building Training, seminars, and others.

How to apply?

Application details, including the list of required documents as well as the link to the application form for the MB director position, can be found in the respective job description linked above. 

Application Documents for Management Board Directors:

  • Proof of approval as an Ordinary member from the community portal; 

  • CV / Resume stating only relevant experience for the position;

  • Motivation letter (max 200 words);

  • Presentation deck (max 5 slides including: About You, Motivation, Plan for 1 Year Term);

  • Video/Audio pitch (maximum 1,5 mins):

    • What do you plan to contribute to EMA?

    • How do you want to lead your Unit?

    • What is your leadership style - what type of leader are you?

  • 2 Recommendation letters containing contact details (email and phone number).

Application Deadline: 24th June 2024 (23:59 CEST).


Please read EMA’s Statutes and Internal Regulations to ensure you understand your rights and the full scope of responsibilities of the position. 


For any questions or queries, please contact

Management Board Selection Key Dates - deadline

All the successful applications will be reviewed and called for an interview on a 'First Come First Serve' basis.

So, don't wait for the last deadlines, go apply now!

11 June

Call for Applications opens


24 June

Close application process (23:59 CEST)


26 June

Final eligibility checks


27-28 June

Shortlisting of eligible candidates & set up interview schedule

29-30 June

Online interviews conducted by the EMA Presidency, & the selection committee

10 July

Appointment of the PQA Unit Director by the EMA Presidency

For any further details with regards to the Management Board selection process, please check EMA’s Statute and Internal Regulation.


For any questions or queries, please contact

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