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Project Leader:

Manasseh Anand

Project contributors:

EMA Genie team

Project start & end: 

2020 - ongoing


Project Contact Email address:


Project Summary:

EMA Genie aims to digitally map and connect the EMA community and answers some of the following questions: 

  • Do you have great ideas to change the world for the better?

  • Are you looking for partners to kickstart a project?

  • Do you want to learn a new language?

  • Or do you just want to connect with Erasmus Mundus graduates in your city?

EMA GENIE allows just that!

It is a network mapping tool for personal and professional growth.​

How does EMA Genie do that? 

Using Technology to Reach Out

We all know that a good network can make all the difference for young professionals. We also know that we should network more often, but that’s easier said than done! Even in times of social distancing, relationship mapping and visualising technology can prove to be powerful, almost magical. It can connect individuals that would have never been able to find themselves in the real world otherwise.

Leveraging on the Community
Like Erasmus Mundus, EMA GENIE is as powerful as its community. The more people sign up and share their skills and interests, the more everyone will be able to maximise on its abilities. Are you part of an Erasmus Mundus programme right now and want to make the most out of your experience? This is your chance to connect to students of other programmes! Or were you in an Erasmus Mundus programme in the past? Now is your chance to link back to the community to meet like-minded people and potential collaborators!

Check out the EMA Genie page to learn more and sign up. 

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