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Programme Representatives (PRs)

EMA Programme Representatives are EMA volunteers who have been selected as representatives of their EMJMD programmes. The main job as a Programme Representative (PR) is to be the contact person between an EMJMD’s students, alumni, course coordinators and EMA. PRs are the advocate of the students and alumni of their course within EMA, and the ambassadors of EMA within their courses. It is important to note that PRs are the link between EMA and their course, and not necessarily a ‘class representative’ for the consortium/course. The main responsibilities are EMA-related!

Some examples of EMA Programme Representative activities:

Communicate and Advise: Create a blog, FB page, share (EMA) updates and news, meet students & coordinators to address issues and challenges, etc.

Social events: Organise a welcome event for new students, international themed dinners, movie nights, house parties, weekend trips, etc.

Promotion: Give a presentation about your EM course, create a promotion video, write to the newspaper about your experience, etc. And many more: Creativity is most welcome! We are waiting for new initiatives.


EMA's PRs belong to the Students and Alumni Unit. Check out the unit's page to answer open
questions and get in touch with an EMA volunteer.

Are you interested in becoming an EMA Programme Representative? Firstly, check below to see if no PR exists for your programme yet. If your programme already has a PR assigned, please reach out to them directly. The coordinators of the EMJMDs have priority in nominating the EMA PR. If the course coordinator does not nominate a PR, PRs can apply for this position via our volunteering page! If there is already a PR for your programme, you can apply to take over that position at the end of their term. The current PR term ends on 31 October 2023.

Current EMA PRs

PR Name


Email Address

Peter Osaigbovo- ACES-STAR (Aquaculture, Environment and Society)_edited.jpg

Peter Osaigbovo

ACES (Aquaculture, Environment and Society)
Guyo Godana - AFEPA (Agricultural, Food

Guyo Dureti

AFEPA (Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Okunoye Olayinka

AMASE (Erasmus Mundus master program in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering)
Omotosho Taiwo Fisayo - (Advanced Materials and Innovative Recycling - AMIR).png

Omotosho Taiwo

AMIR (Master in Advanced Materials: Innovative Recycling)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Kishan Amarasinghe

ARCHMAT (ERASMUS MUNDUS Master in ARCHaeological MATerials Sciences)
Juan Bosco Ara Díaz_AQUAH (International Master of Science in Health Management in Aquacul

Juan Bosco Ara Diaz

AquaH (International MSc in Health Management in Aquaculture)
Rishika Gupta - BDMA (Big Data Managemen

Rishika Gupta

BDMA (Big Data Management and Analytics)

Jose Luis Rodriguez

BIM A+ (European Master in BIM | Building Information Modelling)
Anusha Bhat- BIOCEB (Biological and Chem

Anusha Bhat

BIOCEB (Biological and Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Bioeconomy)
Brandao Serrao - CARTO (Erasmus Mundus M

Brandon Serrao

CARTO (Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Cartography)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Stephanie Tumampos

CDE (Copernicus Master in Digital Earth)
Temi Ami-Williams.CHOREOMUNDUS (International Master in Dance knowledge, Practice and Heri

Temi Ami-Williams

Choreomundus (International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Jaqueline Cassemiro

CLE (Master Erasmus Mundus En Cultures Littéraires Européennes)
Roxana Aguilar Rivera_ CLMC.jpg

Roxana Aguilar Rivera

CLMC (International Master in Children's Literature, Media and Culture)
Sharon Otieno-ChIR (Chemical Innovation and Regulation).jpeg

Sharon Otieno

ChIR (Chemical Innovation and Regulation)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Abdulfatai Kolawole Lawal

ChEMoinformaticsplus (Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry)
John Vincent TUMANENG - CNE (Chemical Nano-Engineering)_edited.jpg

John Vincent Tumaneng

CNE (Erasmus Mundus Master Chemical NanoEngineering)
Sadia Maqsood CYBER (Cyberspace, behaviour and e-therapy)_edited.jpg

Sadia Maqsood

CYBER (Joint Master in Cyberspace Behavior and E-therapy)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Biplab Gautam

CYBERUS (Erasmus Mundus Master in Cybersecurity)
Hedayetul Islam JEWEL - DCLead (Digital Communication Leadership).png

Hedayetul Islam JEWEL

DCLead (Digital Communication Leadership)
Simon Sebastian Manfred Kiecker - EGEI (Economics of Globalisation and European Integratio

Sebastian Kiecker

EGEI (Economics of Globalisation and European Integration)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Hafsa Aslam 

DREAM (European Master in Dynamics of Renewables-based Power Systems)
Ajoagu Johnchemberleen Odira - DENSYS.jpg

Johnchemberleen Ajoagu

DENSYS (Decentralised smart ENergy SYStems)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Saurav Jha

DEPEND (EMJMD in Advanced Systems Dependability)
Odunola Oladeji - EIMAS.jpg

Oladeji Odunola

EIMAS (European Interdisciplinary Master African Studies)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Shadi Al-Nahari

EM3E-4SW (Erasmus Mundus Master in Membrane Engineering for a Sustainable World)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Hiba Qasir

EMABG (European Master in Animal Breeding and Genetics)
Kuntal CHATTERJEE- EMCL++ (Clinical Linguistics)_edited.jpg


EMCL (European Master's in Clinical Linguistics)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

David Fosca Gamarra

EMECS (Erasmus Mundus master program in Embedded Computing Systems)
Danuta_Gruszka_EMGS_Erasmus Mundus Master in Global Studies - A European Perspective.jpg

Danuta Gruszka

EMGS (Erasmus Mundus Master in Global Studies – A European Perspective)
Giulia dos Prazeres Costa - EMHRPP.JPG

Giulia dos Prazeres Costa

EMHRPP (Erasmus Mundus Master's Programme in Human Rights Policy and Practice)
Loya Haughton - EMILDAI - European Master in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence.jpg

Loya Haughton

EMILDAI (European Master in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence)
Luis De La Cruz_EMIMEO(Erasmus Master on Innovative Microwave Electronics and Optics).jpg

Luis de la Cruz

EMIMEO (Erasmus Mundus on Innovative Microwave Electronics and Optics)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Zara Kaushik

EMLE (European Master in Law and Economics)
Amidu Yekini - EMMAPA (Erasmus Mundus Ma

Amidu Yekeni

EMMAPA (Erasmus Mundus Masters in Adapted Physical Activity)
Arome Ibrahim - EMMIE (Erasmus Mundus Masters in Impact Entrepreneurship).jpeg

Arome Ibrahim

EMMIE (Erasmus Mundus Masters in Impact Entrepreneurship)
Ivana Spirovska - EMMIR (European Master

Ivana Spirovska

EMMIR (European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Aljon Alivio

EMOTION (European Masters in Translational Cosmetics and Dermatological Sciences)


EMJMDPHID ( Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Public Health in Disasters )
Khan Mohammad Salehin- emPLANT ( Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Plant Breeding)_edited.j

Mohammad Salehin Khan

emPLANT ( Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Plant Breeding)
Ruturaj Trivedi - EMSHIP+ (Advanced Desi

Ruturaj Radhakrishna Trivedi

EMSHIP+ (Advanced Design of Ships and Offshore Structures)
Shradha Agarwal- EMTM(European Master in Tourism Management).jpg

Shradha Agarwal

EMTM (European Master in Tourism Management)
Jordan HAMMOND - EPH+ (EuroPubHealth).heif

Jordan Hammond

EPH+ (European Master in Public Health | Europubhealth+)
Luca Wettlaufer - EPOG+ (Economic Polici

Luca Wettlaufer

EPOG+ (Economic Policies for the Global transition)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Steven Abdelmassih

E-PiCO (Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree on Electric Vehicle Propulsion & Control)
Amadou Banda NDIONE - ERMIT (Entreprenar

Amadou Banda NDIONE

ERMIT  (Entreprenariat Ressources Management Innovation Technologies)
Jeffrey P_edited.jpg

Jeffrey P. Razonabe

ESWOCHY (European Joint Masters in Social Work with Children and Youth)
María Alejandra Mendoza - EUROCULTURE(Society, Politics, and Culture in a Global Context E

María Alejandra Mendoza

EUROCULTURE(Society, Politics, and Culture in a Global Context: Euroculture)
Donatus Ikhane  OZEMHOYA - EUROSUD (Eras

Donatus Ikhane  OZEMHOYA

EUROSUD (Erasmus Mundus International Master in South European Studies)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Prakriti Khanal

FIPDes (Food Innovation & Product Design)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Christian Debono

FLUORISH (Joint Master Program in Resilience in Educational Contexts)
Abdoulaye Boubakari - EU4M (Erasmus Mund

Abdoulaye Boubakari

EU4M (Erasmus Mundus Master in Mechatronic Engineering)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Pavan Kumar Yeditha

FRM (Flood Risk Management)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Andrea Guzman Garcia

FOOD4S (European Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems Engineering, Technology & Business)
Chidinma Chikwe - GEMMA (Erasmus Mundus Master_s Degree in Women_s and Gender Studies).jpg

Chidinma Chikwe

GEMMA (Erasmus Mundus Masters Degree in Women's and Gender Studies)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Sarah Saadeh

Food ID - Master Food Identity
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Chandan Singh Rajput

GENIAL (GrEen NetworkIng And cLoud computing)
Pradyot Sharma - GOALS (Governance and Administration of Leisure and Sports)_edited.jpg

Pradyot Sharma

GOALS (Governance and Administration of Leisure and Sports)
Abran_Idrees-GeoTec(Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies).jpeg

Abran Idrees

GeoTec (Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Wing (Dyana) So

GLOCAL (Global Markets, Local Creativities)
Patrick Ferrity - GLODEP (Erasmus Mundus

Patrick Ferrity

GLODEP (Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in International Development Studies)
Rafael Chávez - GroundwatCh (Groundwate

Rafael Chávez

GroundwatCh (Groundwater and Global Change - Impacts and Adaptation)
Valéria ANDRADE LIMA - IDOH+ (Infectious


IDOH+ (Infectious Diseases and One Health)
Razy Aman Eddine - ILGSPD (Erasmus Mundu

Razy Aman Eddine

ILGSPD (International Law of Global Security, Peace and Development)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Kamila Aitzhanova

IMAESC (International Master in Adult Education for Social Change)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

David Kubicka

IMATEC (International Master in Technology and Management for Circular Economy)
Kunhua Xiao + (International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering).jpg

Kunhua Xiao

IMFSE (International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Jennifer Confidence

IMSISS (International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Orion Forowcyz

InterMaths (International Masters in Interdisciplinary Mathematics)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Sachin Bhattarai

IMSOGLO (International Masters of Science in Soils and Global Change)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Inga Lang

LCT (European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies)

Josselyn Yaguana

LIVE+ (Leading International Vaccinology Education)
Antidius Raphael - MAEH (Maters in Applied Ecohydrology)_edited.png

Antidius Raphael

MAEH (Masters in Applied Ecohydrology)
Md Imran HOSSAIN - MAIA (Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Medical Imaging and Applications).


MAIA (Master in Medical Imaging and Applications)
Osazemen AGHEDO - MAiSI (Masters of Arts

Osazemen AGHEDO

MAiSI (Masters of Arts in Sports Ethics and Integrity)

Dayana Sánchez

MARIHE (Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Zannat Ara Dilshad Shangi

MBUILD (Master Degree in Sustainable Design, Construction & Management of the Built Environment)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Omar Reyes

ME3+ (European Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy +)

Julia Ramsauer

MEDfOR (Master Programme on Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management)
Lilia Galvez - MEME (Erasmus Mundus Mast

Lilia Galvez

MEME (Erasmus Mundus Master in Evolutionary Biology)
Md Mahamudul Hasan Mredul - MER+ (Marine Environment and Resources) _edited.jpg

Md Mahamudul Hasan Mredul

MER+ (Marine Environment and Resources)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Joseline Vega Osornio

MLITT (Crossways in European Humanities)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Karen Mae Magtibay

MSc EF -(MSc European Forestry)
Sandra Zialcita-Mundus Journalism.JPG

Sandra Zialcita

Mundus Journalism
Daniela Horta Cortez - MundusMapp (Erasm

Daniela Horta Cortez

MundusMapp (Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Public Policy)
Newsha MODJRIAN - MUrCS (Master of Urban Climate and Sustainability).jpeg


MUrCS (Master of Urban Climate and Sustainability)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Uzair Hashmi

NANOMED (Nanomedicine for Drug Delivery)
Noelia Blascovich - NOHA+ (Master in Int

Noelia Natalia Blascovich

NOHA+ (Master in International Humanitarian Action)
Mir Md. Moheuddin-QEM (Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics).png

Mir Md. Moheuddin

QEM (Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Maria Alejandra Carvajal Diaz

PETaL (Play, Education, Toys and Languages)
M. Mukit - PIXNET.jpg

Mohammad Mukit

PIXNET (Photonic Integrated Circuits, Sensors and NETworks)
Sayesha Khanna+ Plant Health.jpg

Sayesha Khanna

PLANTHEALTH (European Master Degree in Plant Health in Sustainable Cropping Systems)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Subrina Islam

PROMISE - Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Sustainable Mineral and Metal Processing Engineering
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Ahmed Salama

PSRS (Photonics for Security, Reliability, and Safety)
Alexis Amachree - SARENA.jpg

Alexis Amachree

SARENA (Safe and Reliable Nuclear Applications)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Kristine Abelniece

SDSI (Joint Master's Degree Programme in Service Design Strategies and Innovations)
Bruno Duarte - SECCLO (Security and Clou

Bruno Marcel Duarte Coscia

SECCLO (Security and Cloud Computing)
Mei Kanatani - SEFOTECH (Food science te

Mei Kanatani

SEFOTECH (Food Science Technology and Nutrition)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Diego Alejandro Garzón Castellanos

SERP+ (European Master in Surface, Electro, Radiation and Photo-Chemistry)
Shahin S. EITY- SMACCs (Smart Cities and Communities).jpg

Shahin S. EITY

SMACCs (Smart Cities and Communities)
Areeb Tariq

Areeb Tariq

SMARTNET (Smart Telecom and Sensing Networks)
Ajinkyap Powar - SMDTex (erasmus Mundus

Ajinkyap Powar

SMDTex (erasmus Mundus join Doctorate Programm about Sustainable Management and Design for Textiles)
Md Sadad Mahamud - Smart Systems Integrated Solutions (SSIs).jpeg

Md Sadad Mahamud

SSIs (Joint International Master in Smart Systems Integration Solutions)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Shuvro Sen

TISE (Transition, Innovation and Sustainability Environments)
Muhammad Umar Farooq - TRIBOS (Joint European Master in Tribology of Surfaces and Interfac

Muhammad Umar Farooq

TRIBOS+ (Joint European Master in Tribology of Surfaces and Interfaces)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Khayrul Hasan

TROPIMUNDO (Tropical Biodiversity and Ecosystem)
Copy of EMA Logo2.png

Victor Almeida

WACOMA (Water and Coastal Management)
Claudia Erpili - WINTOUR (The European M

Claudia Erpili

WINTOUR (International Master on Wine Tourism Innovation)
Daniel Charris Farrera - WOP-P PR.jpg

Daniel Charris Farrera

WOP-P (Master in Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology)
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