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A Mental Health Support Project for Erasmus Mundus Students
Project Leaders:

Dayana Sanchez & Diana Marcela Lizarazo Pereira

Project contributors:

Raquel Galeano, Daryl Valdez

Project start & end: 

June 15 – November 15, 2023


Project Contact Email address:

Project Summary:

The Mindful Mundus project is one of the 5 ESAA-funded projects which have been awarded in the 1st round of the 2023 ESAA project call (all results can be seen here).


This project is an innovative initiative designed to provide comprehensive mental health support and foster intercultural competence among the diverse Erasmus Mundus student body. The project is rooted in the understanding that mental well-being and cultural adaptation are crucial for optimal academic performance and personal growth.

For any queries, email us at  and follow us on LinkedIn.

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Mindful Mundus

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Mindful Mundus

The Erasmus Mundus program is an incredible opportunity for students to immerse themselves in different cultures and educational environments. However, the challenges that come with this experience - such as cultural adaptation, mental health struggles, and identity development - are often overlooked. Addressing the mental health and well-being of Erasmus Mundus students is paramount in ensuring that they can fully benefit from their international experiences.

Mindful Mundus aims to empower Erasmus Mundus students and alumni by providing a comprehensive mental health program and creating awareness about the relevance of mental health. This project seeks to enhance participants’ overall well-being and help them develop essential life skills to find effective strategies, resources, and tools to build resilience and support their mental health by addressing critical topics such as mental health, cultural adaptation, and intercultural competence.

  • Provide Erasmus Mundus students with webinars, workshops, and support groups focusing on mental health and intercultural competence

  • Create an inclusive and supportive community that encourages dialogue on mental health

  • Increase awareness and understanding of mental health issues among Erasmus Mundus Master students

  • Offer capacity-building and professional development opportunities for alumni with expertise in diversity, inclusion, intercultural knowledge, and mental health

  • Develop accessible resources for the entire Erasmus community



  1. Erasmus Mundus students will have the knowledge and skills to address mental health challenges, adapt to different cultures, and develop intercultural competence.

  2. Creating a supportive and inclusive Erasmus community that acknowledges and addresses mental health.

  3. Alumni will have opportunities for professional development in diversity, inclusion, mental health and project management.

  4. The development of an accessible resource repository that will serve the wider Erasmus community.

  5. Recognition of the programme's experts, ambassadors and fellows for their impact on mental health awareness.

Social Impact

Mindful Mundus is not just a project, it is a movement to increase mental health awareness and foster a more supportive, inclusive, and mindful Erasmus community. By addressing mental health and intercultural challenges, we empower Erasmus Mundus students and alumni to thrive during their international experiences and make a positive impact in their communities by creating awareness about the relevance of mental health. The Mindful Mundus Ambassadors will serve as beacons of positive change, inspiring others through their commitment to personal growth and community well-being. The ripple effects of this project will extend beyond individual participants, fostering a culture of mindfulness, respect, and understanding within the Erasmus Mundus community and beyond.


Join Mindful Mundus and be a part of this transformative journey!

Mindful Mundus Methodology

Mindful Mundus Experts. Alumni who are experts in Mental health, diversity and inclusion and global mobility to design and deliver the programme.

Mindful Mundus Ambassadors. Students who complete at least 95% of the sessions, actively participate in the programme and activities, and complete all the surveys will be awarded the distinction of "Mindful Mundus Ambassadors”.

Mindful Mundus Fellows. Students and alumni who actively volunteer in the project to guarantee the effective implementation of the programme. They will gather critical project skills and directly contribute to the project's success.


Mindful Mundus Resources


Supportive Handouts

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