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Let's Get Digital

An Erasmus+ Youth Exchange: Empowering Youth Through Digitalization for a Future of Boundless Opportunities!
21-30 November, 2023 | Kobuleti, Georgia
Project Leaders:

Manasseh Anand and Sheenam Jain

Project start & end: 

May 2023 - May 2024


Project Contact Email address:


Erasmus+ Learning Mobility of Individuals (Youth mobility)

Project Summary:

‘Let’s Get Digital’ was approved in May 2023 under the framework of Erasmus+ Key Action 1 project scheme, funded by the European Commission and coordinated by EMA. 


The Let’s Get Digital project is coordinated by EMA in partnership with Youth Center Georgia, Georgia, Creative Youth, Armenia, Patras Youth Club, Greece, Vsl UMunthu, Lithuania, and Sonrie A Europa, Spain. From 21st to 30th November 2023, 36 participants will delve into the world of digitalization.


For more information reach out to us at and follow us on Instagram to

stay connected for a digital revolution and youth empowerment!

Let's Get Digital Logo transparent-01.png
Let's Get Digital

In a world where the job market poses intricate challenges for many young talents, this project emerges as the ultimate game-changer. Envision this: digital skills as the remedy to the employment puzzle. We're on a mission to infuse this "fresh cure" into the veins of our participants, triggering a surge of career opportunities like never before.


We believe youth exchange can become the catalyst for a dynamic exchange of best practices. The participants are not just bystanders; they're active players. Picture them networking with savvy business owners, sharing insights into the digital revolution in the world of efficient business operations. They're not just absorbing information; they're creating, planning, and collaborating—a force to be reckoned with. 

The project is meticulously designed with the overarching purpose of elevating participants' sense of self-worth, honing their digital skills, and cultivating a heightened social awareness. The project aspires to empower participants through a series of activities aimed at deepening their understanding of the digital landscape, equipping them with essential skills to fortify their positions in the labour market, and opening doors to enhanced career opportunities.

  • Elevate participants' digital skills to bolster their standing in the labour market.

  • Foster youth self-confidence and leadership abilities through targeted initiatives.

  • Cultivate proficiency in digital storytelling, empowering participants to articulate narratives effectively in the digital realm.

  • Enhance networking capabilities and refine communication skills to enable participants to express ideas with clarity and impact.

  • Stimulate creative thinking among participants, encouraging innovative approaches to problem-solving and project development.

  • Provide comprehensive insights into Erasmus+ activities and Youthpass, enhancing participants' understanding of these programs and their potential benefits.


Our Project Logo: Symbolising Digital Growth & Unity

At the heart of our project "Let's Get Digital" lies a vision of growth, unity, and digital empowerment. Our logo, a vibrant green tree, stands tall, symbolising growth and development. Its roots, intricately designed as circuit lines, highlight our profound connection to the digital realm. Each root, shaped as a familiar digital icon, underscores the importance of nurturing essential digital tools and skills. The colours chosen, green for the tree and brown for the roots, further accentuate the organic fusion of nature and technology.


This logo isn't merely an emblem; it reflects our collective journey towards a digitally skilled future. Let it inspire you, bring us together, and serve as a reminder of our shared mission.


Meet the incredible #TeamBelgium, comprising Shidai, Gaëlle, Anastasiia, Anshad, and Camille under the guidance of group leader Salma.

Team Belgium post EMA.jpg


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

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