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About EMA

EMA is an association for students and alumni of Erasmus Mundus Master and Doctoral programmes.

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In 2023, EMA elected a new President and Vice President, as well as select a new Management Board for a 2-year term. Learn more here. The next elections will take place at the GA 2025.

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EMA Members

Over the years, EMA has grown into an international organisation with, as of 2020, more than 12,000 members from 170+ countries.

All EMA members have studied an M.A., MSc. or PhD and as such benefitted from a mobility program under the Erasmus+ Action. For more details check out the Members page.

EMA Volunteers

EMA, as a purely volunteer run Association currently has 150+ active volunteers in roles such as: 

  • Management Board Members, overall steering of the Association,

  • Program Representatives of any Erasmus Mundus programme,

  • Country Representatives across the globe, and

  • Project Leaders, leading projects related to EMA's mission and vision. 


Overall, EMA volunteers are active amongst their fellow students and alumni fostering interaction and community belonging and form a global network for the international realisation of the Associations mission. EMA volunteers, and broadly all members, function as ambassadors of Erasmus Mundus, spreading its message around the world.

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Our Values


Erasmus Mundus Programmes are highly selective with grants awarded to only about 5% or less of all applicants. No matter the direction taken after graduation, our members aim to succeed.



Our members value immensely that they have had the opportunity to receive an exceptional international education and are committed to improving educational experiences for others. This is reflected in their lifelong learning efforts and interest in giving back to the community.



We take pride in and see a great deal of potential in our diverse backgrounds, cultures, and professional profiles.


EMA members are dynamic professionals, constantly seeking personal and professional growth. For this purpose, EMA volunteers, amongst others, conduct webinars, a podcast, mentoring programmes and face-to-face trainings and workshops. We support the entrepreneurship of members through networking and projects.



Many of our members and volunteers are passionate about environmental issues and are eager to promote a culture focusing on sustainable practices.


In EMA everyone is treated equally. EMA volunteers established the EMA Women and LGBT networks, amongst others. We also initiate other projects to increase awareness among our members and partners of our social responsibility around the world.

EMA's Mission & Vision

EMA’s vision is to become a global network of distinguished, connected, and active members of the greater Erasmus Mundus community.

EMA’s mission is to foster academic excellence, professional development, and multicultural exchange of Erasmus Mundus students and alumni globally.

EMA Strategic Goals (ESGs)

Our EMA Strategic Goals (ESGs for short) are the very specific, strategic goals that guide the activities and work we do. They are based on our Mission & Vision statements, and were developed by EMA's Presidential Team to guide EMA's activities during their tenure. 


  1. Develop a large network of EM students and alumni by providing relevant and useful benefits to our members.

  2. Facilitate connections and opportunities to collaborate between the greater Erasmus Mundus community.

  3. Foster the advancement and excellence of EMA members through professional development activities, and career advancement opportunities.

  4. Develop EMA as a global authority on higher education in Europe.

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