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As an EMA member, you have several ways to get in touch and interact with EMA: you can attend our events, follow us on social media, volunteer, engage with your Programme and Country Representatives, or become engaged in an EMA Project! 

Programme Representatives (PRs) are EMA volunteers who have been selected as representatives of their EMJMD programmes. The main job as a Programme Representative (PR) is to be the contact person between an EMJMD’s students, alumni, course coordinators and EMA. PRs are the advocates of the students and alumni of their course within EMA, and the ambassadors of EMA within their courses. You can find the list of all active EMA PRs here

Country Representatives (CRs) are EMA volunteers who have been selected as country representatives. There is usually one, and in some cases two or maximum three official EMA CRs per country. EMA CRs have a direct mandate to represent EMA in their on-duty country. They guide Erasmus Mundus prospects, students and alumni to make the most out of the experience on its different stages. Furthermore, they are the main point of contact between EMA and Erasmus Mundus prospects, alumni and students coming from the country they represent. In many countries they work in close collaboration with European Union Delegations (EUDs). You can find the list of all active EMA CRs here

Volunteer as a PR or CR!

Is there no PR for your programme or CR for your country? You can become an EMA volunteer! Check out our volunteering page for more info. Are you interested in getting involved in a project or network or lead one, more information can be found here.

EMA is the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association. EMA was founded in 2006 and is registered as an AISBL non-profit organisation. Our aims are to help EMJMD students and alumni, promote higher education, and be a go-to network for our Alumni across the world.

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