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EMA Activities Reporting Form

EMA members and volunteers across the world annually organise hundreds of community and professional development activities, promote Erasmus Mundus programs, and lead activities that contribute to the growth of our dynamic community worldwide. EMA wants to empower collaboration, amplify impact, and inspire change and has designed a tool to celebrate the contributions of our members and volunteers.


Let us introduce you to the EMA Activities Reporting Form.

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What is the ‘EMA Activities Reporting Form’?

The form is a tool designed for members and volunteers to capture and communicate their events, initiatives, and collaborations, promoting transparency and collaboration across our vibrant EMA community. The form will facilitate informed decision-making and allow for the sharing of best practices, while aligning present and future efforts with EMA’s mission and vision.

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Why is the ‘EMA Activities Reporting Form’ Essential?

The form is designed to celebrate your contributions as EMA members and volunteers. Your participation is crucial! Your efforts will be showcased on our platforms to empower fellow Erasmus Mundus students and alumni, attract potential partners, and inspire others to get involved and build a stronger, more supportive EMA network. Your dedication and hard work deserve recognition. Start reporting today!


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