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Concept Quest

Call for initial project ideas
Project Leaders:

Afërdita Pustina and Sheenam Jain

Project start & end: 



Project Summary:

Concept Quest is an initiative aimed at mobilising and empowering EMA members to generate innovative project ideas in response to Erasmus+ calls for proposals.


This project provides a structured platform for members to receive support and guidance from the EMA Project Support Team.

Concept Quest (1).png

Through this initiative, participants are encouraged to develop their initial ideas into comprehensive project proposals, fostering collaboration and enhancing the quality of submissions for Erasmus+ funding opportunities. The ultimate goal is to translate these proposals into actionable projects that align with the strategic objectives of Erasmus+, promoting educational and cultural exchange across Europe.

Project Objective
The overall aim of this project was to provide an opportunity and encourage all EMA members to submit project ideas as a response to the available Erasmus+ calls for proposals. The EMA Project Support Team offered support to develop these projects into full proposals by guiding development, funding, and implementation modalities.
Project Methodology
The interested applicants were invited to submit their ideas to the EMA Project Support Unit. The EMA Project Team reviewed the submissions and offered support for elaborating these ideas into full proposal applications. The winner of the call was offered an invite to the EMA General Assembly Meeting 2024.
Project Outcomes
A total of seven project ideas were received. The call was open for several weeks and the applicants were evaluated using the template (Annex 1).
The call yielded interesting ideas for further development into project proposals for Erasmus + calls. The EMA PSU team will assist members in exploring suitable modalities for project development, funding, and implementation. Ultimately, successful submissions will lead to the submission of full project proposals that address specific objectives outlined in the Erasmus + calls. Two top-selected projects were invited to attend the EMA General Assembly 2024.
Annex 1 Evaluation Grid​




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