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About EMA

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This page contains a number of EMA’s key and reference documents. These include legal documents and official reports, amongst others. Additional items of interest, such as a newsletter archive, EMA’s annual Graduate Impact Survey and EMA’s policies, can be found here as well.

Important Documents

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EMA's Legal Documents

The EMA Statutes and the Internal Regulations are separate documents. The EMA Statutes are concerned with the general organizational principles; while the Internal Regulations are concerned with procedural conduct within EMA.

As such the two documents govern the Associations actions (from a legal perspective) are
the Statutes and the Internal Regulations.

Yearly Reports

EMA’s yearly reports include Action Plans as well as Annual Reports
highlighting EMA’s planned and completed activities.

Graduate Impact Surveys

EMA’s annual Graduate Impact Survey (GIS) is conducted among students and alumni of the Erasmus Mundus programme to determine the long-term impacts of participating in these programmes, get insights on career development and individual’s personal growth. For this purpose, since 2007 graduates were invited to participate in an online survey of more than 70 questions.

The comprehensive reports, illustrating the found insights are included in the reports below. Some insights are based on specific cohorts, whereas others include information from all survey contestants, over the years.

Other Documents/Reports

EMA and EMA members are involved in the development of other documents of interest to the community. These can be downloaded below.

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