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Become an EMA member!

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Get EMAzing Membership Benefits! As EMA members, students and alumni are ambassadors of the Erasmus Mundus Programme. We share the idea of international education, accessible to all and are passionate about spreading the message and information around the world. 

Join an enriching network made up of EMA members worldwide

Gain special access to the EMA Community Portal

Help create better experiences for EMJM students and alumni

Get access to professional development activities

What are the benefits of becoming an EMA member

  1. Networking opportunities with the whole Erasmus Mundus community spread across the globe.

  2. Access to all community development, capacity building and professional development activities organised by EMA, only for EMA members

  3. Right to vote in the General Assembly of the EMA. 

  4. Opportunity to volunteer for EMA and avail the many advantages that come along with the membership. Nobody can become a volunteer at EMA without becoming a member of EMA. 

  5. Possibility to attend the in-person EMA General Assembly that is held every year. 

  6. Possibility to get invitations to various interesting and fun events, conferences, training, and seminars!

  7. Be eligible to apply for ESAA projects and get funding to realize your dream project. 

  8. Get access to discounts with partner companies of EMA. 

Want to learn more about becoming a member? Contact

Am I eligible to become an EMA member?

In general EMA members are students and alumni from Erasmus Mundus Joint Programmes, mainly Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMDs) and formerly also Erasmus Mundus Joint PhD Degrees. Over the years, and to be more inclusive, our membership base has been extended slightly and the following membership types exist:

Ordinary Members of EMA: A student or an alumnus of an Erasmus Mundus Joint Programme can become an EMA member. For the membership to be approved the candidate needs to prove their acceptance/completion of an EMJMD programme.

Affiliate Members of EMA: A student or an alumnus of a Masters or PhD program who was beneficiary of mobility to a European University as part of Erasmus+ 2020 Key Action 1, Bullet 1 or any of the predecessor actions.

Honorary Members are any natural or legal persons, nominated by the Management Board by way of a two-third majority vote and accepted by the General Assembly who have made a significant contribution to the success, reputation, and pursuit of objectives of EMA.

The detailed criteria, regarding who can become an EMA member can be found in EMA’s Internal Regulations (available here).

How to become an EMA member

To be formally recognised as an EMA member, you need to be registered in EMA’s Community Portal. Registration and membership is free of cost and based on the verification of your status, e.g. EMJMD student or alumni. In most cases your EMJMD acceptance letter or degree certificate will be sufficient to be accepted. There are no obligations associated with being an EMA member and it is free of charge.

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