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About EMA

Student & Alumni

Relations Unit

This Unit focuses specifically on past, present, and future students of the Erasmus+ Higher Education Programmes.

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The current director is Ruturaj Trivedi who can be reached at:

This S&A Unit managed 3 sub-units until May 2022: Community Development (CD), Professional Development (PD), and Programme Representatives (PRs). The first two have been moved to the Presidency leadership as part of restructuring in 2021-2023. The EMA Liaison officer also reported to the S&A director who listed & resolved issues from all EMJM students & alumni as well.

Today the S&A Unit consists of the PRNet and the S&A Director is an official contact point for all EMJM coordinators and consortiums. The Director is also responsible for resolving issues from students and alumni as and when they arrive.

​Alumni, current or incoming EMJM students who may have an issue or problem (academic and non-academic) before, during, and after their EMJM studies, can contact with their queries.


Please read the FAQ before sending an email.


If you have an urgent issue that needs EC intervention please make a complaint here.


If you are an EMJM coordinator/consortium interested to collaborate with EMA, please send an email to

Programme Representative Network (PRNet)

The Programme Representative (PR) Network is made up of motivated and proactive volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in the EMJMD experiences of their fellow students and alumni. PRs are representatives of their EMJMD course and the liaison among EMA, EMJMD Students, and Coordinators. 


The current structure & team of the PRNet includes the following volunteers:


1. S&A Director- Ruturaj Trivedi

2. PRNet Coordinators- Nikshan Paudel & Areeb Tariq

3. PRNet Analysts - Roxana Aguilar Rivera

4. PRNet Development Executive- Shahin S. Eity & Raquel Galeano

5. PRNet Social Media Coordinator- Jeffrey Razonabe

To learn more about EMA’s PRs, find the PR of your course, or get in touch with someone from a course you want to apply to, check out our PR page here

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