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This Unit focuses specifically on past, present, and future students of the Erasmus+ Higher Education Programmes. This Unit manages 3 subunits: Community Development (CD), Professional Development (PD), and Programme Representatives (PRs).

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The unit is led by Ruturaj Trivedi. The director of the S&A Unit can be reached at: students.alumni@em-a.eu

Programme Representative Network (PRNet)

The Programme Representative (PR) Network is made up of motivated and proactive volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in the EMJMD experiences of their fellow students and alumni. PRs are representatives of their EMJMD course and the liaison among EMA, EMJMD Students and Coordinators. 


The PRNet team can be reached via: programme.representatives@em-a.euGet in touch with the Head of PRNet if you have questions with regards to the role of PRs in EMA and within their programmes, or if you are interested in being a PR. Other members in the team include Akeeb Tariq, Guyo Godana, and Abdoulaye Boubakari. 


To learn more about EMA’s PRs and find the PR of your course, or to get in touch with someone from a course you want to apply to, check out our PR page here

Community Development (CD)

EMA’s Community Development (CD) team works toward building a strong and engaged community of EMA members. It consistently works on celebrating events such as the ‘EMA Day’ once per year, where various self-led events are happening around the world at the same exact time. 

Ira Purnomo is the Head of Community Development and can be reached at community.development@em-a.eu. Active volunteers in EMAs CD team are Doyinsola Simbiat, Guido Martinolli, Kisa Fatima, Oluwasennula Adelusi.

The CD team also leads a number of special projects, such as:

  • EMA Cookbook project which presents a compilation of different recipes and their related stories from around the world, provided by EMJMD students and alumni. The EMA Cookbook Team can be reached at cookbook@em-a.eu

  • Sust-EMA-bility project will soon be starting again. This project is promoting activities from our students and alumni who study or work in the fields of sustainability, environment, renewable energy, climate change, oceanography, forestry, circular economy, etc. The project is currently headed by Guido Martinolli, who can be reached at sustemability@em-a.eu.

Professional Development (PD)

EMA’s Professional Development (PD) team focuses on strengthening the dialogue on education and employment within EMA. It provides learning and skills-development opportunities to the broader EMA community. The EMA PD team marked its success from initiatives including the Mentorship programme, various workshops and webinars, ranging from practical career starters: such as building resumes, practising interviews, and leveraging professional skills. The team also expanded to professional networks such as PhD and Humanities.


The EMA PD team supplies the best possible tools to gear up Erasmus Students and Alumni for the first stage of their careers such as personal branding, project management, and other skill sets. The team aims to broaden professional networks and partnerships that will open more opportunities for the EMA community.


EMA’s current PD team members include Lyka Caparas, Abiodun Ganiyu. The PD Team can be reached at professional.development@em-a.eu