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About EMA

Development Unit

EMA’s Partnership Development Unit seeks out and manages all relevant partners, sponsors, strategic alliances, and any stakeholders of EMA.

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The current director is Collins Santhanasamy can be reached at


The Partnership Development Unit works with external stakeholders to secure EMA's financial and organisational sustainability through developing relationships with for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Our goal is to develop partnerships that will benefit EMA members, partners and society. The Unit seeks to increase EMA’s International visibility and build a strong brand name in collaboration with EMJMD consortia, businesses, and non-governmental organizations.

Account Executive Sub-Unit

An Account Executive subunit volunteer ensures that relationships between EMA and its partners are exceptional by safeguarding the execution of agreements.

Community Benefits Sub-Unit

A Community Benefits subunit volunteer works with international for-profit and non-profit organizations to cater benefits for EMA members.

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