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About EMA

Legal & Internal

Affairs Unit

The Legal & Internal Affairs (LIA) Unit aims to ensure the lawfulness of EMA's operation and activities, to create and comply with all internal and external legal requirements, and to safeguard the Association's interest in relation to all parties, whether within or outside, by guaranteeing conformity with all laws and regulations.

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​The LIA Unit deals with both internal and external stakeholders, such as but not limited to: the Management Board, EMA members and volunteers, the European Commission, the Service Provider, and any external partners with whom EMA enters into a strategic partnership or Memorandums of Understanding, Partnerships or any other cooperative working arrangement.

The current director is Razy Aman Eddine, who can be reached at

The LIA sub-units are Internal Affairs, Partnerships & Project Assistance, and General Assistance (administrative and documentation). The other members of the unit are as follows:

The LIA Unit works closely with all the other MB Units in terms of advisory, support, review of important documents, guidance on the legality or procedural regularity of various actions, and various other topics.

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