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Talent Management Unit

EMA’s Talent Management Unit focuses on recruiting, onboarding, and providing support and documents to EMA's Volunteers. The work of "EMA Volunteers" spreads all over the world and allows EMA to exist and provide its services. 

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The current director for Sakina Fatima and can be reached at careers@em-a.eu.


More information about volunteering at EMA can be found on the Volunteering page

The Talent Management Unit is made up of three sub-units: 

Recruitment Sub-Unit

The Recruitment Team works on receiving volunteering applications and managing the database of candidates' profiles. It also works in cooperation with all of EMA's Units to provide them with suitable volunteer candidates, whenever volunteering selection processes take place. This is done based on the candidates' preferences and profiles, as well as the selection processes' different requirements. As different selection processes take place all through the year, EMA draws candidates from its unified database, through the work of the Recruitment Team.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, have a look at the Volunteering page.


In 2020, the Erasmus Mundus Association received over 800 volunteering applications. These candidates were interested in holding positions at EMA such as Programme Representative, Country Representative, Member of one of the 10 different EMA Units, and so on. From 800+ candidates, over 150 new EMA Volunteers were recruited in 2020.

Human Resources Sub-Unit (HR)

EMA’s HR Team takes care of managing Volunteering Agreements, Certificates of Participation or of completed volunteering experiences, Letters of Recommendation, and other documentation processes related to EMA Volunteers' experiences.

Any of the EMA Units' Team Leaders can request such documents for their volunteers by filling the specific request form. 

For more details contact: careers@em-a.eu.


EMA Volunteering Agreements are a key tool to formalize someone as an EMA Volunteer, to make sure that the Volunteer as well as EMA abide by the relevant laws related to their activities at EMA, and to keep track of what the volunteers do at EMA and during which period. With the support of the HR Team, these agreements get signed by both the EMA Volunteer and EMA's President.

Volunteering Programme Sub-Unit

EMA is constantly trying to improve the way it recruits new volunteers, how it provides support to them, and what it aims to achieve with such experiences.

The Volunteering Program Team focuses on guiding the Recruitment Team and the HR Team on what practices to use, as well as advise EMA's Units on how to better support and interact with its own members/volunteers.