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About EMA

Talent Management Unit

EMA’s Talent Management Unit focuses on recruiting, onboarding, strengthening the  network between units, professional development of the volunteers and providing support and documents to EMA's Volunteers. The work of "EMA Volunteers" spreads all over the world and allows EMA to exist and provide its services.

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The current director for Sakina Fatima and can be reached at

​The Talent Management Unit is made up of three sub-units: 

Human Resources Sub-Unit (HR)

The Human Resource Team works on receiving volunteering applications and managing the database of candidates' profiles. It also works in cooperation with all of EMA's Units to provide them with suitable volunteer candidates, whenever volunteering selection processes take place. This is done based on the candidates' preferences and profiles, as well as the selection processes' different requirements. As different selection processes take place all through the year, EMA draws candidates from its unified database, through the work of the Recruitment Team.


This unit is also responsible for providing different support to volunteers after their hiring within EMA like experience certificates and recommendation letters which is very helpful in the future career prospects of the volunteers. Any of the EMA Units' Team Leaders can request such documents for their volunteers by filling the specific request form.

Professional Development (PD) Sub-Unit

EMA’s PD Team takes care of arranging different professional development activities for EMA volunteers and members like monthly volunteering meetups, career development webinars and workshops.

Community Development (CD) Sub-Unit

This subunit is currently managed by Ira Yulianti Purnomo and is responsible for development activities,  for the well-being and interaction within the EMA community.


Projects led by this sub-unit include EMA's 'Flavours of Erasmus Mundus' cookbook, containing recipes shared by Erasmus Mundus students and alumni, and EMA Day, a yearly celebration of the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) dedicated to gather students and alumni in different cities all around the world. For queries, please contact

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