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Volunteer with EMA

EMA is a purely volunteer based Association, and relies on its volunteers to keep the Association’s functions, growth and work. Hundreds of volunteers spread across the world support and run EMA with activities ranging from communications, community projects, professional development activities, promotion of Erasmus Mundus programs and overall, leading the organisation and steering it forward. EMA represents an excellent space for experiencing truly international and mobile volunteering. Find our current openings below.

Since its foundation, EMA members have initiated or taken part in over 200 fairs, information seminars, and promotional activities worldwide. Our global and very diverse community is our main strength, whereas we utilise the wide range of knowledge that our members contribute to the organisation to follow our mission. 

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Current volunteer openings: 
How and where can I apply?

You can become an active EMA volunteer in any of the roles outlined above. Whatever the position, your average time dedication to the role will be defined during the application and onboarding process. All of EMA's volunteers have Volunteering Agreements (VAs) which describe the volunteering relationship and can last from three to 24 months depending on the position.

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EMA Volunteer vs Member: what's the difference?

Generally any Erasmus Mundus Joint Programme student or alumni can become an EMA member (for detailed information check our Membership page). EMA volunteers are selected EMA members who are taking on active positions in the Association. Not all members are volunteers. EMA offers its volunteers a safe space to grow, personally and professionally. The environment is very supportive and allows individuals to set their own goals to grow and contribute to the Association at the same time.

What do we expect from
you as an EMA volunteer?

 As an EMA Volunteer, you will be requested to spend the agreed upon time (as defined in your Volunteering Agreement) on tasks related to EMA. We rely on your proactivity and team-work skills to make best use of your time and allow for maximum contributions to the Association.


The most common work tasks involve: doing home-office activities (on your computer, wherever you prefer); participating in online meetings with EMA teammates from all over the world; and organizing or participating in EMA face-to-face events. Most of all, we expect you to be committed to contributing to the growth of the EMA community in quality and size.

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EMA's Volunteering Culture

Take ownership


Know how you personally contribute to our goals & missions. Own your role & be proactive. If it needs doing, DO IT!

Be passionate

Love what you do and show it. Take pride in what you do. Be positive and driven to learn continuously.

Stronger together


Approach problems with a ‘we over me’ mentality. Be supportive and have each other’s back. We are a team!

Have fun

Enjoy the journey. If you don’t enjoy it, change it. Celebrate our success TOGETHER.

What are the benefits of volunteering with EMA?

Get work experience at an international organisation officially supported by the European Commission and aligned with both the European Union values, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Learn new things

Volunteering with EMA offers an opportunity to learn some great transversal, professional skills to also use e.g. at a future workplace. These are, but not limited to, coordinating with a remote team using innovative IT technologies, resolving complex challenges by deploying creativity and at the same time providing great services to other fellow EMA members.

Meet interesting people

EMA is full of great minds like you! Our team members are based all around the globe which is a challenge, but also an overwhelming experience to meet like-minded people from every corner of our planet and work together on great projects. You will get to interact and network with an array of individuals involved with the Erasmus Mundus Programme, including EMA Members, Programme coordinators, European Commission staff, and so on. 

Give back

We have all been part of the great Erasmus Mundus journey and many of us want to give back after such a life changing experience. Volunteering with EMA means that you are contributing with your professional skills to develop our Association and your network.

Get recognised​

Members who join EMA as a volunteer receive an official Certificate of Recognition and/or a Recommendation Letter (if requested) based on successful completion of your engagement and achievements related to your roles. EMA has great leaders who mentor our volunteers to help them grow in their potential and skills. For those highly contributing volunteers there is an opportunity to get participate in strategic events and projects.

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