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Country Representatives (CRs)

EMA Country Representatives (CRs) are EMA volunteers who have been selected as country representatives. There is usually one, and in some cases two or maximum three official EMA CRs per country. EMA CRs have a direct mandate to represent EMA in their on-duty country. They guide Erasmus Mundus prospects, students and alumni to make the most out of the experience on its different stages. Furthermore, they are the main point of contact between EMA and Erasmus Mundus prospects, alumni and students coming from the country they represent.

All CRs are part of the international CR Network. Their role is:

Promoting the Erasmus Mundus programme: Promoting Erasmus Mundus as a European Higher Education programme of excellence, and promoting the European Higher Education System in academic institutions and educational events in different countries.

Engaging Erasmus Mundus Alumni: Engaging alumni in their country by creating different events throughout the year and pointing them to the EMA website, community portal and social media accounts.

Assisting prospective students: Assistance with questions, general advice/sharing experiences and facilitating contact with people on the EM programme. CRs can also share their experience with regards to the logistics associated with the application and preparation process, e.g. through the organization of promotional activities, seminar, online meetings, sharing information on social media, e-mail correspondence, etc.

Being the Ambassador and contact point for EMA at the national level: Represent EMA at events and liaise regularly with the CRNet Manager and EMA's Outreach & Community Building Unit (OCB) and serve as the contact person for locals interested in EMA, e.g. regarding collaborations, events.

Supporting the formation of a community of graduates and students in the CRs countries: Encouraging the development of a network of alumni and students that share information and combine efforts for the development of activities of common interest.

Networking with other CRs: Establish collaborations with other CRs in a region - either same or nearby countries to exchange best practices, join forces and work together.

Supporting job placement and professional development of EMA members: Marketing professional graduates of EM programmes with their national labour market, and/or organizing career-orientated events for the members. 

Assisting newly selected EM students & promote EMA: Providing support and useful information to newly selected students by organizing Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) seminars, or initiating virtual PDO events in cooperation with EMA and/or the European Commission/EU Delegation (see note below) of the respective duty country. 

Note: EU Delegations are diplomatic missions that play a vital role in representing the EU and its citizens around the globe and building networks and partnerships. The main role is to represent the EU in the country, where they are based, and to promote the values and interests of the EU.

EMA's current Country Representatives and the country they represent are as follows. They can be contacted with questions with regards to EMA, an EMJMD and/or to get in touch with other potential students and alumni in your country.

Are you interested in becoming a CR and be active as an EMA representative in your country? If your country already has a CR assigned, please reach out to her/him directly. If your country does not yet have a CR and you are interested in the position, please apply - more information can be found on the Volunteers page. In order to be a CR, you must be a current student or alumni of an Erasmus Mundus program, and you must hold EMA membership.


EMA’s CRs belong to the Outreach and Capacity Building Unit. Check out the unit’s page to answer
open questions and get in touch with an EMA volunteer.

Current EMA CRs

CR Name


Email Address

Gunay Aghalarli


Rajon Bhuiyan


Sayed Muhammad Baker


Carlos Eduardo Jijena Michel


Gisele de David Branda


Djekila Djimrambaye Amour


Aliro Villacorta


Jie Xiang


Al-Hussein Hameed

Hanif Falah 


Somnath Chaudhuri


Kenechukwu Henry Ngige


Sue Gonzalez


Harje Kjellberg

Dominican Republic

Yixuan 奕璇 Zhu 朱


Cristina Martinez Tapia


Gebru Welay Gerezigiher 


Elsa Mathews


Erik Mulyana 


Zalfa Qurrata a'yun 


Traore Zanon Yacouba

Ivory Coast

Madina Karsakpayeva

Yuliya Vanzhulova Tavares


Jane Nduta Wambura

Noor Binti Jaafar


Nirajan Khadka

Onur Hasan Erol


Amidu Yekini

Jessenia Pollack Huaman


Ruth Yancce Zea 

Alexandra Sokolova 


Seny Faye 

Md Rafiul Hasan


Cristina Martinez Montes

Muhsidin Rahmonov


Maria Pentzel

Selin Akpinar


Edwin Kamalha

Manh Ha Luong 


Husam Nujaim

Delia Sarah Mutale


EMA is the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association. EMA was founded in 2006 and is registered as an AISBL non-profit organisation. Our aims are to help EMJMD students and alumni, promote higher education, and be a go-to network for our Alumni across the world.

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