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About EMA

Outreach & Capacity Building Unit

EMA's Outreach and Capacity Building Unit (OCBU) focuses on representing EMA globally, promoting the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (EMJM) across the world, creating an international network among EMJM alumni and external parties, and providing capacity-building opportunities for EMA.

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The current Director of the Outreach and Capacity Building Unit is Rajon Bhuiyan and can be reached at

The OCB Unit collaborates with European Commission (EC), European Union Delegation (EUD) in various countries, National Erasmus+ Office (NEO), Erasmus+ National Focal Point (ENFP), DAAD, Euraxess, and other external parties for promoting EMJM and sharing alumni experiences. The OCB Unit collaborates with various national bodies in national and local events. 


If you would like to promote an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (EMJM) in your country or region, then please contact

The OCB Unit has two sub-units: 

  1. Outreach, formed by the EMA Country Representatives (CRs) 

  2. Capacity Building

Outreach Sub-Unit

The Outreach sub-unit is composed by the EMA’s Country Representatives (CRs). It aims to strengthen EMAs presence across the world, building an international network of students and alumni, spreading Erasmus Mundus information and promoting Erasmus Mundus (EMJM) across the globe. 

Country Representatives

Country Representatives (CRs) are one of the four pillars of EMA. EMAs Country Representatives (CRs) serve as the main point of contact between EMA and Erasmus Mundus prospects, alumni and students coming from the country they represent. The CR network (CRNet) is an international team of motivated and proactive volunteers passionate about spreading the word about EMA and EMJM across the globe. In this way, they aim to support prospective students and connect students and alumni during and after their Erasmus Mundus experience.   


The outreach sub-unit and the EMA CRs is led by the Country Representative Network Coodinator (CR Net Coordinator). The current CR Net Coordinator is Ana Janjusevic and can be reached at


To learn more about EMA’s CRs, find a CR of your country of origin or residence, get in touch with someone or apply as a CR, check out the CR page here.

Capacity Building Sub-Unit

The Capacity Building & Professional Development subunit is in charge of creating training opportunities for the professional development of EMA members so that they can have a local or global impact after their Erasmus Mundus experience.

​The Capacity Building sub-unit is led by the Capacity Building Coordinator. The current CB Coordinator is Faqrul Islam Chowdhury and can be reached at


The activities of this sub-unit are the following:

  • To promote the EMA brand and facilitate global networking at a regional level through partnerships with other Organizations and bodies;

  • Building linkages and cooperation with international groups and local communities;

  • Capacity-building activities that support the technical and institutional development of partners;

  • Bolstering EMA and promoting its Vision, Mission, and Aims at various levels, throughout the world;

  • Managing the pool of experts, monitoring of experts' activities, and design of training for network experts; 

  • Organising and developing learning and interest-based activities; 

  • Identification of needs and management of the unit for capacity-building actions; 

  • Strategic development of key 21st-century employment and empowerment skills.



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