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Outreach & Capacity Building Unit

EMA's Outreach and Capacity Building Unit (OCBU) focuses on representing EMA and Erasmus Mundus programs across the world, creating an international network and providing capacity building opportunities for our members and non-members.

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The current Director of the Outreach and Capacity Building Unit is Rajon Bhuiyan and can be reached at outreach@em-a.eu

The Unit has two sub-units: Outreach, including Country Representatives, and Capacity Building, including Projects and Networks.

Outreach Sub-Unit

The Outreach sub-unit is in charge of the EMA’s Country Representatives (CRs) and strengthening EMAs presence across the world, building an international network of students and alumni, spreading Erasmus Mundus information and promoting Erasmus Mundus joint programmes across the globe.

Country Representatives

EMAs Country Representatives (CRs) serve as the main point of contact between EMA and Erasmus Mundus prospects, alumni and students coming from the country they represent. The CR network (CRNet) is an international team of motivated and proactive volunteers passionate about spreading the word about EMA across the globe. In this way, they aim to support prospective students and connect students and alumni during and after their Erasmus Mundus experience.


The current director of the Country Representative Network is Aliro Villacorta and can be reached at crnet@em-a.eu

To learn more about EMA’s CRs, find a CR of your country of origin or residence, get in touch with someone or you want to apply as a CR, check out the CR page here.

Capacity Building Sub-Unit

The Capacity Building & Professional Development subunit is in charge of creating training opportunities for the professional development of EMA members so that they can have a local or global impact after their Erasmus Mundus experience.

The Capacity Building sub-unit can be reached at capacitybuilding@em-a.eu.