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Project Support Unit

This Unit focuses specifically on managing and maintaining the relation between EMA and ESAA, and between EMA and any other third-parties that participates in joint projects. It also provides guidance and support to EMA members to propose, develop, and successfully carry out the projects backed by the Association.

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The PSU Unit has successfully obtained EU-funded projects, mainly Erasmus+. EMA is acting as Project Coordinator and/or leading diverse Work Packages (WP) related to Network expertise, Community/Stakeholder mapping, Communication & Dissemination etc.

We would be glad to discuss further possibilities of collaboration in project proposals under the Erasmus+ programme. 


In the past the following volunteers have contributed to the well functioning of the unit: Ashata Dahal, Lina Mkoji, The Hung Tran, Flavia Soares de Oliveira Colus and Aleksandra Starovoitova.

Current volunteers active in the unit are: Aferdita Pustina, Alina Maria Dumitru, Metrine Bwisa, Iryna Bakhcheva, Chaira Jane Maica Villahermosa, Vlerë Krasniqi, Catherine S. Gonzalez Alvarez, Sara Chergaoui, Jessiva Silva, Audrey Antonio, Mahanam Mithun.


Additionally the PSU currently leads the following projects in EMA.

Currently, Sheenam Jain is the Director of PSU. The Director can be reached at projectsupport@em-a.eu.


The EMA GENIE project team is led by Dejan Popovic and Manasseh Anand, and includes Brent Adams, Carolyn Lee, Sheenam Jain, Franziska Sonnet, Julia Ramsauer, Thiviya Nair, Alexander Tedeschi, Rashi Maithul, Mariia Polezhaeva, Rochamukti Rizcanofana. 

This project aims at bringing the community closer together by digitally mapping the members’ profiles and can be reached at emagenie@em-a.eu.

Diversity & Inclusion Video Series

The Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Video Series project team is led by Diana Lizarazo and includes Ana Alhoud, Ana Janjusevic, Hiba Mohammad, and Haifeng Yuan. This project aims to promote change for global impact, by addressing important issues that affect our society. We want to empower Erasmus Mundus members by sharing their journey and experiences from their hometown to where they are today. We hope that these inspirational stories will foster an inclusive environment within EMA. Additionally, these insights will go on to promote social justice and reduce inequalities in youth around the world.The team can be reached at: projectsupport@em-a.eu.

EMA SDG Data Series

The SDG Data Series project team is led by Maria Syed. The coronavirus pandemic has widely disrupted the march towards Sustainable Development Goals 2030. This project aims to piece together the puzzle with the help of data, by re-focusing on the most important goals for building a resilient and sustainable society. The team can be reached at: projectsupport@em-a.eu.