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About EMA

Finance Management Unit

EMA’s Finance Management Unit (FMU) is in charge of ensuring correct and transparent administration of EMA's financial resources, as well as managing the financial aspect of all the strategic alliances, projects and the Members.

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The current director of the FMU is Pepri Saputra, and can be contacted at 

Currently, this unit manages two sub-units: Administrative & Documentation, and Financial Management.

Administrative & Documentation Sub-Unit

This sub-unit focuses on creating EMA's financial mechanism and SOPs. It is also responsible for providing EMA with documents needed for tax declaration, financial report and other financial related requirements. Currently this position is vacant and all the tasks are attained by the Director.

Financial Management Sub-Unit

This sub-unit is responsible for managing, overseeing and reviewing EMA's financial transactions, receipts, and invoices and managing budgets for events and projects. It ensures that EMA's financial transactions are trackable and filed correctly. 


The current director for the Financial Management sub-unit is Ekaterina Dolzhenko and can be reached at

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