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Finance Management Unit

EMA’s Finance Management Unit (FMU) is in charge of ensuring correct and transparent administration of EMA's financial resources, as well as managing the financial aspect of all the strategic alliances, projects and the Members.

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The current director of the FMU is Yixuan ZHU, and can be contacted at 

This unit aims to uphold integrity and maximise value in EMA's financial operations. Its diligent financial stewardship ensures that EMA can continually pursue its mission and provide opportunities to students worldwide.


The FMU works closely with all EMA units to advise on financial matters and enable their success. We also collaborate with the European Commission, vendors, auditors, banks, and other partners to facilitate EMA's operations. Our team of finance professionals is eager to support EMA's growth and global impact. We welcome those passionate about non-profit finance to join the FMU and gain enriching international experience. Together, we can contribute to EMA's continued excellence in empowering students worldwide.


The FMU runs several subunits to fulfil its mandate.


Financial Management

This subunit oversees accounting, financial statements, budget monitoring, regulatory compliance, and internal controls. We ensure transactions are properly documented, policies are followed, and risks are minimised.


Revenue Generation

This subunit develops and manages earned income opportunities through the EMA shop, fee-based services, sponsorships, and other mission-aligned programs. We diversify and grow self-generated revenue streams.


Financial Outreach & Cooperation

This subunit liaises with external partners on financial matters to open up collaborative opportunities. We forge win-win relationships with organisations and institutions that share EMA's values.

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