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About EMA

& IT Unit

EMA’s Communications and IT (CIT) unit provides support to EMA by developing and implementing both an external and internal communications strategy and providing EMA with the necessary tools and platforms to carry out these strategies.

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The current director is Razan Rashid and can be reached at

The Communications & IT Unit comprises four sub-units.

IT Sub-Unit

Since EMA is an organisation fully run by volunteers across the world who work remotely, its IT team is core and fundamental to carry out the Associations overall activities. The team supports web design, digital platforms and task management systems. 

The current IT Coordinator is Omar Khan can be reached at

Editorial Sub-Unit

The Newsletter sub-unit is responsible for creating and proofreading written content distributed by EMA, including public statements, communication pieces, journalistic content such as magazines and blogs and internal documentation like action plans and progress reports. The editorial sub-unit finalizes EMA's monthly newsletter. 


The team consists of Raquel Galeano, who can be reached at The Newsletter Editor is Md. Mahamudul Hasan Mredul, who can be reached at and the Newsletter Sub-Editor, who can be reached at

Kisa Fatima leads the Humans of Erasmus Mundus (HoEM) section. If you want to send your story, email

Social Media Sub-Unit

The Social Media sub-unit is responsible for crafting, optimising and distributing EMA’s content across several digital channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube). It supports all the other working units to promote their activities and increase the visibility of EMA worldwide using marketing strategies. 

The current Social Media Coordinator is Josselyn Yaguana who can be reached at

The Social Media sub-unit provides analytics and audience insights relevant to our partners and stakeholders.  

Design Sub-Unit

EMAs Design sub-unit is in charge of maintaining the Association's visual identity across all of the communication channels developing a potent and impacting graphic design, illustrations, and user experience for all audiences. It supports all the units and stakeholders with toolkits and other resources.


The Design sub-unit is headed by Camila Morais Canellas and can be reached at

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