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Assurance Unit

The Policy and Quality Assurance Unit (PQAU) is tasked with creating all policy documents, both internally and externally with the goal of transparency in all statements. This Unit also collaborates on multidisciplinary projects to help ensure the excellence, quality, and efficiency of all Erasmus Mundus programmes.

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The current director (Ad Interim) is Jordan M. Hammond and can be reached at:

EMA’s PQAU focuses on strengthening the skeletal system of the Association through the introduction and implementation of policies, standards, and quality assurance mechanisms to assure that all of EMA’s actions align with its mission and vision. This aids in the alignment of all processes within the Association and our external collaborations.

PQAU also assists in ensuring the excellence, quality, and efficiency of all Erasmus Mundus programmes by conducting surveys on graduate impact; student and alumni experience; course quality assurance and degree recognition; and many other topics.


Recently, as a part of our quest to increase our involvement in course quality assurance, PQAU participated in an Erasmus Mundus Design Measure (EMDM) project. These projects work to develop potential new Erasmus Mundus degree programmes with future consortia members.

PQAU works closely with all other Units, especially Student and Alumni Relations Unit and Legal and Internal Affairs, but also members of the EACEA, all with actions aiming to facilitate a quality Erasmus Mundus experience for all students.


Interested in getting involved? Send Jordan an email at the aforementioned address.

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