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The Unit is tasked with the creation of all policy documents, for internal and transparency purposes. This Unit will ensure the excellence, quality, and efficiency of the Erasmus Mundus programmes.

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EMA’s Policy and Quality Assurance Unit (PQAU) focuses on strengthening the skeletal system of the Association through the introduction and implementation of internal and external policies and standards. This contributes to transparency and the overall alignment of processes. 

It also assists in ensuring the excellence, quality and efficiency of the Erasmus Mundus programmes by conducting surveys on graduate impact, course quality assurance and degree recognition and many other topics. 

In collaboration with the Student and Alumni Relations Unit it also aims to facilitate a quality Erasmus Mundus experience for all students.

PAQU is currently led by Radu Serrano. The Director of PQAU can be reached at policy-quality@em-a.eu.

EMA is the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association. EMA was founded in 2006 and is registered as an AISBL non-profit organisation. Our aims are to help EMJMD students and alumni, promote higher education, and be a go-to network for our Alumni across the world.

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