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Innovation Unit

The Research & Innovation Unit of EMA (R&I) consists of motivated members, who strive to assist the researchers of EMA. Members of the unit conduct workshops, organise webinars, create research guidelines, amongst others.

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The current director is Dr Tarun Kumar Agrawal, and he can be reached at


The Research and Innovation (R&I) unit is dedicated to promoting the professional development of its members through a comprehensive range of research and innovation activities. These include monthly research seminars, a yearly poster competition, online research symposia, and workshops, all designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and skill enhancement among members. 


Additionally, the unit focuses on expanding EMA’s research collaborations with the broader Erasmus community and other research entities. The unit actively seeks and works towards building a network of potential research partners, fostering connections that enhance the organisation’s impact on research and innovation in EMA and related fields. In essence, the R&I unit strives to cultivate a vibrant research culture within EMA while strengthening its position within the larger research community.


The unit currently has three subunits. These subunits are supported by the Research Advancement and Support position, which serves as a pillar of support for coordinators, offering assistance as required, and assumes a central role in planning, executing, and securing funding for research advancement projects. Beyond this essential support, it also takes charge of coordinating research seminars, surveys and workshops, further enriching the intellectual environment within EMA.


The support function is led by Rakshya Silwal, who can be reached at


Strategic Research Collaboration and Partnership

This subunit actively engages and identifies accomplished alumni in academia, universities, research centres, NGOs, R&D, and industries, along with external organisations, to facilitate research collaboration, serving as a bridge between diverse stakeholders to foster innovative research initiatives. It focuses on creating and maintaining a comprehensive network database and mapping system for Research and Innovation (R&I).


This resource facilitates seamless communication, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among members, alumni, and partners, enhancing research and innovation within our organisation. The subunit is headed by Hazariah Mohd Noh, who can be reached at

Research Development

This subunit is responsible for establishing and coordinating the EMA research award program that would identify and acknowledge one of the best EMA researchers every year. The process involves defining eligibility criteria, creating the application process, selecting the best research, and securing funding. Additionally, the subunit works towards sharing inspiring stories of Erasmus Mundus researchers and innovators through various channels. It also plays a crucial role in building and maintaining relationships with Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) stakeholders and identifying and supporting projects relevant to the EMA community. This role bridges academia and innovation, promoting research and collaboration within the Erasmus Mundus network.


The subunit is headed by Rickkye Gan.

Research, Engagement, and Innovation

This subunit is responsible for organising monthly research seminars and research symposiums while inviting in experts from Industry and academia. Organise yearly poster competitions and organise research proposal writing, scientific article writing and other workshops for EMA members’ research skills development.


The subunit is headed by Mohammad Neaz Morshed, who can be reached at 

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