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Project Leaders (PLs)

At EMA many different projects are happening alongside each other. Most projects are directly led by EMA members and touch a vast variety of different topics. All of these are aligned with EMAs core principles, follow the European Union framework and are inclusive in all aspects. Apart from “shorter” projects EMA has established networks, which are important extensions of EMA and play key roles in promoting EMA’s values and culture around the globe.

EMA currently has the following types of projects. Check out the Projects page and enjoy looking through the list of EMAs past and current projects in all these areas. 

EMA Outreach Projects: These are shorter projects spanning a couple of days (or weeks) directly supervised by the EMA outreach unit. They could include outreach activities, webinars, symposiums or social media campaigns.

EMA Networks (Community Projects): These are longer projects spanning over months or years organised by interest groups within EMA, usually with a specific area of interest. Such projects are collaborative and could include several projects related to the specific theme such as gender equality or women empowerment.

EMA-ESAA Projects: These are EMA projects funded by ESAA to ensure EMA members can receive financial support needed to successfully put their ideas into practice. These projects are coordinated by ESAA and project leaders need to comply with ESAA project rules, regulations, terms and conditions. found on ESAA’s website here. EMA’s project support unit can help with any questions regarding ESAA projects. Please reach out to them directly.

Screenshot 2021-02-27 at 15.40.53.png

EMA-Erasmus+ Projects: These are funded projects where EMA is coordinating and/or part of a consortium putting into practice different theme-centred projects, aligned with EMA’s mission and vision and focused around EMA’s core principles. Ongoing projects are Accept & Respect (Key Action 1) and PEN (Key Action 2). Erasmus+ activities within the Programme targeting the youth field focus on: Youth in Action, which provides various possibilities for young people, youth workers and youth policy makers to cooperate, gain competences and be proactive in building a sustainable and democratic European society.

Do you have a project idea? Would you like to lead and/or be involved in a project or network?

Have a look at EMA's Project Leader handbook and get in touch with us.

EMA's PLs belong to the Outreach and Capacity Building Unit. Check out the unit's page to answer open questions and get in touch with an EMA volunteer.

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