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EMA General Assembly 2021

EMA's 2021 GA is themed 'New Normal, New Thinking' and is taking place virtually on 15 May 2021.

Since last year, our way of life has changed in different ways due to COVID19. Some of us are now in a total or semi lockdown, some are working from home, some are attending classes virtually. We all have faced new unexpected challenges in our personal and professional life. We are learning how to deal with uncertainty and be more resilient. This is our new normal. As we are in this together, we have to explore a new thinking to adapt ourselves to this new reality. 

As an association, EMA has also been adjusting to this new normal. Since last year, we have held our EMA Annual General Assembly (EMA GA) virtually. This year we are  having another virtual EMA GA. This decision has been taken based on the advice of the EU Commission, health organizations, and considering our member’s safety and health, and overall practicalities. This alternative allows us to reach even more of our members and invite them to partake in a wider range of activities.

The EMA GA 2021 focuses on the New Normal, New Thinking, the new spirit that brings EMA members together this year. 

Let's take a moment to reflect. Since the beginning of the pandemic, as  students or alumni of the Erasmus Mundus program, what has changed? How do we cope with changes? Do we still give back to our community in EMA? Could we exchange ideas as to how to improve our well-being as a person and as a member of EMA? 

Although mobility and volunteering can be challenging at this unprecedented time, it is an opportunity to learn or create a new way of thinking. Therefore, we would like to explore the options to stay resilient and grow together as a community under EMA's umbrella.

The Virtual EMA GA 2021 will take place online on: Saturday, May 15th  2021 (15:30 - 18:00 CEST).

What do we do during the General Assembly?

The General Assembly happens annually and it is the perfect space for EMA members, including active volunteers and the Management Board to get together, share ideas, make important decisions for the organization, get to know new projects, and exchange with the Management Board and amongst each other. This year, the GA has an important component: We will get to know the results of EMA’s presidential election.


(Subject to change)


Connection and Virtual Check-In


Opening and Welcome Remarks


Invited Speaker: Ms. Adrienn Király (Head of the Cabinet to Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Education, Culture and Youth)

& Discussion




The EMA Journey 2019-21

- "EMA is You. EMA is Me. EMA is Us." - Katharina F. Heil, EMA President

- "We are in this EMA journey together" - Marsela Husein, EMA Vice President


EMA Financial Report Update


EMA Presidential Election Voting Results


Short speech by newly elected President and Vice President


Closing Remarks


Virtual Networking and Activities* (see below)

*Virtual Networking & Activities - How you can get involved!

At the end of the EMA Virtual GA 2021, we will have some networking games. We need your participation to make the games more interactive and challenging!


Guess Where?

We will show some pictures of different places around the world with little clues, and the GA attendees have to guess which country those pictures represent. Do you want to make your country of origin / residence part of this game? We invite you to submit a picture to us here.


What is wrong with the picture?

Have you experienced unexpected situations during your Erasmus Mundus journey while trying to fit in anywhere in the world? Maybe eating sushi with a fork? Maybe trying to participate in a traditional dance? We are excited to see it! Please share the pictures here. We will show these pictures, and the attendees have to guess what is "wrong" or unusual with the pictures. 

An Artwork Virtual Exhibition for 3 different categories (digital photos, drawing/painting, and poetry) will take place during the GA's break session. Do you want to share your artwork with us? We invite you, our #EMAzing members, to submit a maximum of 1 piece of artwork per category that is related to our GA theme: "New Normal, New Thinking" through this form.

Do not miss this event! Register now for the GA 2021

Do not miss the chance to be part of this General Assembly and share a nice moment with the #EMAzing group of people that are part of the Erasmus Mundus Association. The EMA GA 2021 is going globally virtual, so everyone is more than welcome to join! 


Deadline to register: May 11th, 23:00 (CEST) 

EMA GA Organising Committee 2021

We would like to thank our General Assembly Organising Committee for the voluntary work they have put into organising this event.

General Assembly Organising Committee:

Cristina Martinez Tapia, Event Manager of GA Organizing Committee 


Caroline Manik, Event Manager of GA Organizing Committee

Isabel Casillas, Communications Coordinator of GA Organizing Committee


Katharina Heil, EMA President


Marsela Husen, EMA Vice-President


Gabriella Mikiewicz, Graphics Support & Online Manager for the GA

EMA is the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association. EMA was founded in 2006 and is registered as an AISBL non-profit organisation. Our aims are to help EMJMD students and alumni, promote higher education, and be a go-to network for our Alumni across the world.

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