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Genie Talks

Project Leader:

Manasseh Anand

Project contributors:

Isyatul Azizah, Ana Alhoud

Project start & end: 

Season 1: 03/2021 - 06/2021


Project Contact Email address:

Project Summary:

Taking the final step can be challenging, especially for graduating students.


The options moving forward are endless - getting a job, starting a business and pursuing a PhD are just some paths available to those moving on from their masters studies. 

While this phase can be exhausting, EMA seeks to lighten that load of career development through constructive conversation! 

EMA proudly presents GenieTalks, an inspiring job series talk show focused on answering the questions you have about what comes next. The conversations revolve around job hunting, major life moves and effective ways to keep your head up through it all!

Season 1: Hosted by Ana Alhoud
Episode 1: Career in Food Innovation and Product Development with Mahnoor Ayub
Episode 2: Internship at the European Commission with Yuliya Vanzhulova

Watch now:

Finding a Job after Studying in Europe | GenieTalks [S1E1] #EMAProjects

Finding a Job after Studying in Europe | GenieTalks [S1E1] #EMAProjects

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Episode 1