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Humans of Erasmus Mundus

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Humans of Erasmus Mundus

Sharing is caring and oftentimes the best way to connect and learn from others is through their stories. EMA proudly presents Humans of Erasmus Mundus (HoEM) to showcase stories of how the opportunity to study a higher education degree in Europe transformed individuals to dreamers, doers and leaders, into researchers and policy makers, and allowed to turn ideas into reality. HoEM features inspiring and powerful stories of individuals who have experienced the power of Erasmus Mundus in their life. 

If you are an Erasmus Mundus student or alumni, a coordinator of an Erasmus Mundus program, part of a university faculty or a visiting researcher, a staff or delegate of the European Union, or in any other way associated with Erasmus Mundus with a unique and unusual experience, then share with us your story told in your own words and through your own perspective. Get in touch at:

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