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Rozina Raheem, Pakistan: ESWOCHY

Strong women raise strong girls

With the aspirations of transforming my society through educational opportunities, I have evolved as a brave and passionate woman. From an early age I was told that humans are like beads in a string. We cannot rush over each other or pull others back, but we are to remain in harmony, so that the beads would get valued as jewels. This concept of our social structure and support intrigued me and motivated me to dream bigger.

My mother, like every mother, has inspired me in so many ways. Being the sole bread winner of my family, since a very young age she has become my role model of an empowered woman. She has raised six children as a single mother in a patriarchal society like Pakistan. I thus strongly believe in the independence of women and aim to create opportunities for marginalized women. I am becoming one and would like to empower others further.

I always dreamt of studying abroad and wanted to do it under the Erasmus Mundus program. was accepted, in 2021, as a fully sponsored scholar for the European Joint Master in Social Work for Children and Youth (ESWOCHY). I was aware of how crucial this course would be to achieving my objectives. I want to improve people's perceptions about social work because it is viewed as charity work in Pakistan, where it is extremely underdeveloped.

I want to improve people's perceptions about social work

My goals for society—advocacy, empowerment, and education—are being met as a result of my social work studies. After successfully returning from ESWOCHY, I am determined to improve the quality of education and advocate for the marginalized groups in Pakistan. I hope and anticipate that more Pakistani applicants will apply to this program, so that we can all work together to change Pakistan's perception of the social work profession.


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