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Leila Salimova, Kyrgyzstan: ESWOCHY

Age is Just a Number: Embracing Transformation and Diversity Through Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering an enriching cross-cultural experience. The program's unique feature lies in its exposure to various learning environments across multiple universities, each with its distinctive teaching approach.

Embarking on this journey at the age of 40, an age when many women in my country find contentment in their established status, stability, and familial bonds, I discovered a profound transformation in my life. Integrating into the vibrant community of young, dedicated scholars proved to be a pivotal moment. This experience became a catalyst for remarkable personal and professional growth, particularly in the realms of academic writing, research proficiency, and self-directed learning. My outlook expanded, cultivating a deeper appreciation for innovation, novelty, and the digital landscape.

Embarking on this journey at the age of 40, I discovered a profound transformation in my life

Contrasting with my younger peers, I acknowledged that my learning curve required double the study, writing, and research time. However, the heartening aspect was the unwavering support extended by everyone around me. Collaborative endeavours, networking, and the mutual knowledge exchange were the cornerstones of this academic camaraderie. In this dynamic, I found myself both a beneficiary and a contributor, sharing my life experiences and wisdom, which were uniquely valuable.

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