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EMA Present at the THES Launch in Malawi

Sandra Salomy, EMA's Country Representative for Malawi, attended the Transforming Higher Education Systems (THES) project launch on 26 July 2023. The USAID agency organised the event in collaboration with the Ministry of Education through the Directorate of Higher Education in Malawi.

The THES project aims to enhance the capacity of Malawi's higher education system and harness the potential of its youth to achieve the ambitious goals set in Malawi -2063.

During the event, Sandra took the opportunity to highlight the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters program and its potential to contribute to the educational development of Malawi's youth. Additionally, EMA's representative forged meaningful partnerships with Deans from various Malawi universities, further fostering collaboration to enhance the country's higher education landscape.

By collaborating with university deans, they will organise on-site and virtual events to advocate for Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree courses and guide students on navigating the application process.


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