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EU Alumni Interview with the EMA President

In this recently published interview, EMA's President, Dr. Katharina Heil shares information about EMA with the wider EU Alumni audience.

Apart from the Associations values and benefits to join a student & alumni network the following questions were addressed:

  • EMA's work as a tool for Public Diplomacy.

  • EMA's challenges, and desired EU support to tackle these.

  • The diversified (EU) alumni network landscape.

  • The value of EU Alumni.

“EMA is a key factor in facilitating alumni connections and supporting the European Commission to benefit from the European Higher Education mobility”

You can read the full interview on the EU Alumni homepage.

What is EU Alumni and how can you benefit from it?

With the EU ALUMNI initiative, the European Union is fostering exchange and joint

engagement of alumni from all its different international mobility and exchange programmes. EU ALUMNI means networking beyond programme borders – at local events as well as in the initiative’s Online Community, a global social networking platform to be launched in autumn 2021! The initiative collaborates closely with several existing EU Alumni organisations, such as EMA.

EU ALUMNI is meant for former beneficiaries who want to stay in touch with the EU, meet

inspiring people and who are eager to take action for things that matter.

Interested? Just subscribe to the newsletter and receive the latest updates!

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