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Invitation for EMA Community in Seoul, June 2023

EMA members and Erasmus Mundus alumni have been invited, via the Outreach and Capacity Building Unit, to the upcoming Study in Europe fair and institutional event in Seoul, South Korea, on the 19th and 20th of June 2023.

The event organisers are looking for an Erasmus Mundus alumni or EMA member based in Seoul, to attend the institutional event and the fair. It is a fantastic opportunity for networking and showcasing the benefits of the Erasmus Mundus program. Our EMA Community members also have the chance to participate as assistants and help with interpretation at the fair booths. If any EMJM alumni or students are interested in assisting, please complete this form to apply.

In addition, the organisers would like to invite Erasmus Mundus alumni and students to participate in a panel discussion during the event on the topic “How to improve Erasmus Mundus exchanges between the Republic of Korea and the European Union”.

We encourage our EMA Community in Seoul to consider attending this event. And if you know any EMJM alumni, students, or EMA members in Seoul, let them know.

To register for the events and for further information, visit these links:

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