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Mindful Mundus: Empowering Erasmus Mundus Students' Wellbeing

The Mindful Mundus project is a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to supporting the mental health and intercultural competence of Erasmus Mundus students. This project is led by EMA volunteers Dayana Sanchez, Diana Lizarazo, Raquel Galeano, and Daryl Valdez and aims to address the unique challenges students face during their Erasmus Mundus journey. The project is evidence of EMA’s commitment to the well-being of its community.

The team leaders are confident that it will profoundly impact the academic success and personal growth of current students and the professional development of the alumni involved. Launched on June 28th, the project received hundreds of applications from the EMA community and beyond. The successful recruitment campaign resulted in an incredible team of Fellows, Ambassadors, and Experts.

Mindful Mundus Fellows

Our Mindful Mundus Fellows are volunteers focusing on four areas: Outreach & Recruitment, Marketing & Communications, Logistics, and Data Analysis. The fellowships attracted immense interest, with over seventy applications from dedicated individuals who want to contribute their time and skills to the program. After careful consideration, nineteen exceptional fellows joined the teams. Their enthusiasm makes a difference and is a driving force.


The response to the recruitment call was nothing short of overwhelming. More than 130 passionate individuals applied to be Mindful Mundus Ambassadors. The project was designed for one hundred participants, so there is room for more Mindful Mundus interventions in the future. The commitment of the participants of this first edition to spread mental health awareness across the Erasmus Mundus community is truly inspiring.


Close to twenty exceptional Erasmus Mundus alumni aspired to be Mindful Mundus Experts. The process of selecting the final five mental health experts presented challenges but was, ultimately, an inspirational process for the Outreach Fellows. The expertise and commitment of the selected experts will be instrumental in creating and delivering transformative sessions.

As the Mindful Mundus community comes together, everyone is ready to embark on the next phase –transformative webinars, workshops, and group sessions. These are designed to provide Erasmus Mundus students with valuable tools and knowledge to enhance their mental well-being and adaptability in the face of challenges.

As the project moves forward, the passion and dedication exhibited by everyone involved is motivating. Together, the Mindful Mundus community hopes to prioritize mental well-being and foster an environment of support and growth. You can also embark on this journey towards a brighter, more mindful future for Erasmus Mundus students. Follow the Mindful Mundus dedicated channels to learn with the Experts and hear about the Ambassadors' experiences.

For more information, visit the project's page, watch the webinars on YouTube, and find weekly updates here.

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