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New Partnerships Around the Corner

Attention, Erasmus Mundus Association members!

A host of exclusive partnerships with leading companies is on the horizon, specifically curated to deliver a suite of benefits, including services and exceptional discounts, just for you!

Our imminent partnerships span a diverse array of sectors, all intending to enhance your Erasmus journey in more ways than one. From travel perks to accommodation deals, and from tech to essential educational resources, these collaborations are designed with your diverse needs in mind. We will continue to roll out more over the coming months!

Stay alert for updates by visiting the EMA Members' Portal! Your definitive source for all partnership announcements will be grouped under #EMAPartnerships. It's crucial to remain engaged with the portal to access comprehensive information on these unique deals, understand how to leverage the benefits, and explore testimonials from peers who maximize these opportunities.

Your email inbox is also a gateway to news and updates. With personalized notifications and newsletters, you'll have all the information you need delivered straight to you. So, make sure to keep an eye on your emails to be the first to hear about the latest partnerships. These collaborations are not just about discounts; they represent a commitment by EMA to enrich your life beyond the academic realm. By harnessing these exclusive partnerships, we aim to provide resources that make a difference in your day-to-day life as well as your future career aspirations. We are excited to bring you this new chapter of membership benefits. Remember, these exclusive partnerships are a hallmark of our appreciation for the diversity and vibrancy that you, our members, contribute to the EMA community. Stay tuned, stay informed, and get ready to take advantage of a host of privileges just around the corner!

For any suggestions for partnerships, you can reach out directly to the Director of the Partnership Development Unit via email -

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