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Call for Articles for the Erasmus Mundus Magazine

Celebrating Two Decades of Educational Excellence with the theme 'Crossing Borders, Connecting Worlds: Celebrating 20 Years of the Erasmus Mundus Journey'.

The Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) is excited to invite submissions for the inaugural edition of the Annual Erasmus Mundus Magazine, 2024. This landmark publication celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Erasmus Mundus program, which has been instrumental in advancing higher education, supporting student mobility, and embracing multiculturalism. The magazine will be launched next May at the 2024 EMA General Assembly in Istanbul, Türkiye. It will be accessible both in print and online via the EMA website.

We seek submissions from international students, especially Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ students, alumni, coordinators, and anyone with experience in study mobility abroad. Submissions may include but are not limited to:

  • The etymological origins of Erasmus Mundus: What does Erasmus of Rotterdam offer to European Mobility Education?

  • Historical Insights: The Origins of the Erasmus Mundus Programme

  • The Role of Erasmus Mundus in Shaping European Identity

  • Analysing the Impact of Study Abroad Programs on Education: Political Reflections

  • The Dynamics and Politics within the EU Shaping Scholarship and Grant Programs

  • Historical, Political, and Legal Perspectives on Student Associations

  • Erasmus and Romance

  • Effective Strategies for Succeeding in Erasmus Mundus Applications

  • Best Practices for Managing an Erasmus Mundus Project as a Coordinator

  • The Importance of Diversity in Global Education

  • Exploring Cross-Cultural Experiences: Personal Narratives and Analyses of Multicultural Living's Impact on Personal Development

  • The Impact of Erasmus Mundus on Enhancing Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

  • Promoting the Global Economy through the Erasmus Mundus Program: Cultivating an Educated, Culturally Adept, and Mobile Workforce

  • International Education in the Age of AI

  • Diversity and Inclusion in International Education

  • Sustainability and Environmental Awareness within Erasmus Mundus

We also welcome submissions that may fall outside these categories but are particularly relevant to the overarching theme. Please note that submissions not selected for this edition will be considered for inclusion in future editions.

Contributions should range from 750 to 2,000 words (excluding bibliography), formatted in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman size 12, and follow APA Style (7th Edition) for in-text citations. Including supporting photos, a profile photo and a brief bio of around 150 words, is highly encouraged. For any inquiries or additional information, you can contact the Magazine editor, Razy Aman Eddine, at

Get featured in EMA’s landmark publication by submitting your contributions here by April 14, 2024.

EMA is also seeking graphic designers to contribute to the magazine. Interested candidates should send their CVs and a brief cover letter to, by April 14, 2024.

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