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EMA attends ED-AFFICHE Event

ED-AFFICHE held its mid-term event on 22nd November 2023. EMA is an associate partner and our Management Board member Rajon Bhuiyan represented us in this dynamic and impactful event. The theme was 'Syncing Achievements: Collaborative Solutions to Facilitate the Path to the European Degree Label.' 

ED-AFFICHE looks to map obstacles to transnational collaboration in Higher Education (HE) and provide decision-makers and HE institutions with recommendations that lead to transnational collaboration among universities to implement the European degree.

Hosted at the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the European Union in Brussels, this meeting was a convergence of minds. Stakeholders from across Europe, including European Universities involved in the project and representatives from the European Commission, came together. Their central aim is to delve into discussions and strategies for seamlessly implementing the European Degree Label within the project's framework.

Participants discussed issues like quality assurance, the European Degree's integration into national legislation, and more. It was an insightful day of discussions, aiming to contribute to the final policy report and recommendations of ED-AFFICHE. 

Mr Bhuiyan appreciated the organisers’ efforts and the strong involvement of participants who contributed to valuable discussions. Together, they are all shaping the future of European degrees and Joint Programs.

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