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Does it Matter

Project Membes:

Oxana Sytnik, Pavan Sriram


Project Start & End:

2014-2015 & 2018-2019

Project Summary:

The “Does it Matter” project was run by EMA during 2014-2015 and 2018-2019 in Europe, with the motto: Celebrating Unity in Diversity.

The “Does it Matter” project is a collective benefit in which the volunteers set out on a journey to break the barriers and showcase stories from EMA and ESAA to make its global presence felt. It embarks upon tolerance and cultural understanding to break  barriers, to overcome stereotypes, to step outside of usual settings, to exploit the wealth of human diversity. 

The aim of the project was to build our world together free of stereotypes. The specific objectives were: 

  1. To acknowledge the importance of addressing inequality-related issues in a higher education environment such as Erasmus+; 

  2. To build an inclusive community whose cultural identity is free of stereotypes further strengthening social inclusion; 

  3. Encourage integration and intercultural awareness within the Erasmus+ community.

The project was implemented in two stages: in 2014-2015 the project was presented at the EMA General Assembly in Barcelona and in 2018-2019 where the project got funded through ESAA. One of the most important outcomes was a special edition of EMANATE (EMA magazine) devoted to the Does it Matter theme (it can be found here).


A final outcome of the project was the project's promotional video (also, see above). EMA members from all over the world were encouraged to take part in the project video by simply showing their emotions when asked questions about racial, gender, religion, discrimination, etc.


The video is a powerful statement and proof of how different yet united we all are, that to the question “Does it really matter” - there can only be one response: "It does not".

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