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SustEMAbility - The Go2Rail Survey

Project Leader:

Guido Martinolli

Project start & end: 

03/2021 - 05/2021 (survey) - project is still ongoing


Project Contact Email address:


Project Summary:

The Go2RAIL Survey is a project that was set up in collaboration with EIT Climate-KIC, namely Europe’s leading climate innovation initiative, and Go2RAIL, an emerging social enterprise startup that aims at making Erasmus+ participants’ travel behaviours more sustainable. The main goal of the survey was to gather information about how the Erasmus+ population will travel once the COVID-19 pandemic is over and to better understand which are the main factors to consider for making Erasmus+ travel mode choices more sustainable. 

The main outputs of the project are a report containing the main results of the survey from a sample of more than 2,000 respondents and the publication of a scientific article, in collaboration with IDOCAL - University of Valencia and the University of Bologna. The purpose of the article is to explore personal and situational factors as possible antecedents of travel mode selection for long-distance travels. Among these, the most relevant are the biospheric values, namely the extent to which “people judge phenomena on the basis of costs or benefits to ecosystems or the biosphere” (Stern & Dietz, 1994, p. 70), service satisfaction, travel distance, and the geographic location of departure and arrival. This purpose is particularly relevant to the extant scientific literature since long-haul travels represent a significant contributor of CO2e in the atmosphere (Durbarry & Seetanah, 2015). However, research has not addressed yet the exploration of the personal and situational factors that lead to the selection of unsustainable modes of transport for such long trips (De Angelis et al., 2020), hence boosting clean energies for this type of journeys.

The survey has been closed and the team is working on the analysis of results. The report will be published on this page once it becomes available.