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Accept & Respect: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

1-10 April, 2022 | Kobuleti, Georgia
Project Leaders:

Sheenam Jain & Manasseh Anand



Erasmus+ Learning Mobility of Individuals (Youth mobility)

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Project Summary

The aim of the project “Accept and Respect” is to promote equality and non-discrimination among young people. No one is born with prejudice but rather has the potential to develop it over time.


It is crucial to foster the values of equality and non-discrimination. Among youth, it must be done from an early age through formal and non-formal education. This project intends to bring and spread different methods of non-formal learning for non-discrimination work with young people in order to strengthen their daily work, raise awareness of rights, empower them to recognise and stand up against discrimination and address the relevant institutions to seek legal or other appropriate solutions.


At the end of the project, participants will prepare a booklet, posters, and a video for promoting non-discrimination and tolerance. After the project, the youth will be able to bring benefits to their local communities.

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Full Project Partners

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