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EMA Day 2022

As we are all recovering from whatever impacts COVID-19 has brought to your lives, let's celebrate EMA Day this year, worldwide!


What is EMA Day?
Once a year, the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) dedicates one day to gathering students and alumni in different cities all around the world on the same day. This means an opportunity for you to meet lots of friends, network, or simply just socialise and share the fun! 

Who can participate?
We highly encourage EMA members, current students and alumni of Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (EMJM) and current students and alumni who benefited from the Erasmus+ programmes. Moreover, you can also invite your friends who are interested in EMJM, Erasmus+ and EMA  as well.


How and when will EMA Day be held this year?
Considering many restrictions being lifted and life adapting from COVID-19, we highly encourage EMA Day to be held in form of physical meetings. You can meet up at a park, in a public space, at a restaurant, etc.  But since we have also adapted to the unlimited potential of online meetings, for those of you who want to organise virtual events and invite participants beyond a specific city or country, please feel free to do so! EMA Day will be held on Saturday, October 29th, 2022 simultaneously in multiple locations, at various times throughout the day, depending on the location. Some locations will have virtual events and some will be in-person.. There will also be a main global event happening virtually for those who aren't able to join any specific location's event. It's a full day of fun, around the world!


Is there a theme for this year's EMA Day?
Considering the global situation recovering from the pandemic, this year's theme will be "Resilient Together" where not only can you introduce yourself and have a good time with each other, but you can also share your experience on how you managed to get your life back on track.

Can I organise an EMA Day event?

Our active volunteers, primarily the PRs and CRs among others, organise EMA Day events in their locations. Fill up this form to organise an event in your city, country or online! Feel free to email if you have questions.


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