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EMA at the EM-ACT meeting in Paris, France

EMA's former President Gabriella Mikiewicz and our Community Coordinator Ana Alhoud represented EMA at the first in-person meeting of the Erasmus Mundus Association for Consortia CooperaTion (EM-ACT) in Paris, France on 16 May 2022.

EM-ACT was launched on 27 February 2021 with around 52 consortia represented. The association aims to share good practices and develop collaborations between EMJMDs from both administrative and pedagogical perspectives.

The coordinating group members include:

  • Ermina Begovic (SEAS 4.0, Sustainable Ship And Shipping 4.0, Italy)

  • Jose Borges (MEDFOR, Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management, Portugal)

  • Mickael Capron (BIOREF, Biorefinery Master, France)

  • Juliane Cron (CARTO, Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Cartography, Germany)

  • Heathcliff Demaie (DENSYS, Decentralized Smart Energy Systems, France)

  • Elena Fabbri (WACOMA, Water and coastal management, Italy)

  • Daniela Farinelli (WACOMA, Water and coastal management, Italy)

  • David Flacher (EPOG+, Economic Policies for the Global transition, France)

  • Barbara Rega (FIPDes, Food Innovation and Product design, France)

Photo courtesy of EM-ACT

The meeting in Paris brought together representatives from 85 different programmes, half of all the current EMJMDs (around 160 at present) as well as representatives from EMA and the (European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). During the initial plenary session, the coordinating group introduced EM-ACT tools and initiatives to new members of the network. Later, attendants were split into four working groups where they discussed issues related to EMJMD management and sustainability, dissemination and attractivity, visas and residence permits, joint degrees and the European approach to quality assurance, and academic and pedagogical cooperation.

Participating virtually, Gabriella and Ana, introduced EMA to those present and highlighted ways in which both associations could collaborate in the future. Representatives from various consortia, without Programme Representatives, showed interest in connecting their students with EMA to promote and improve the experience of past, current, and future students.

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