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EMA in Japan at Community Leader Global Dialogue Project

ESAA's “Community Leader Global Dialogue” project was held in Tokyo, Japan, on 2 and 3 August 2023. It was organised by the OCEANS network and co-organised by ESN and EMA.

The event hosted fourteen participants from nine countries. On the first day, Nari Matsushima, a lecturer at Waseda University, facilitated the morning session. This lecture opened the floor to discussions on social issues in Japan through the lens of international students studying and working in Japan.

From the afternoon and through the second day, Taiga Ogusu from the International Ultimate Edutainment Organization ran an enriching two-day workshop. The workshop induced criticality and problem-identifying skills, which were identified as necessary skills for a leader in Society 5.0, by reflecting on the SDGs. The event was successfully concluded by strengthening the global network of curious and open-minded individuals and promoting Erasmus programmes.


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