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EMA's 2022 General Assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark

EMA's General Assembly took place from 20th-22nd of May 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark. This year, 63 participants from all over the world attended this GA.

The EMA General Assembly (GA) happens annually and it is the perfect space for EMA members, active volunteers, and the Management Board to get together; During the GA, participants share ideas, make important decisions for the organisation, learn about new projects, and network with the Management Board and among each other.

With hopes being high for an in-person event this year, the EMA General Assembly Organising Committee set up a hybrid event. The EMA GA 2022 was planned and organized as an interactive event that engaged EMA volunteers along with a diverse group of members of the greater Erasmus Mundus community, to jointly support our association's growth.

Attendees learned about ongoing projects, initiatives, and engaged with new ideas. They had time to reflect and shape the future of our organisation. Virtual participants joined the plenary sessions and shared their ideas with on-site participants, who were also active participants in workshops and live sessions.

Former EMA President, Gabriella Mikiewicz, in her address, said ‘I like to think that only within one year, we’ve already left our mark on EMA: a new mission and vision, strategic goals, new and revamped activities, new CP, and a stronger focus on our members: the people we do all of this for. And this is General Assembly is even more important to me because it’s been three years since we’ve been able to meet in such a big group in person. So I am extremely grateful to everyone who braved long trips, lost luggage, canceled flights and multiple train transfers, and so much more to be here with us today.’

In his speech, Md Ashiqur Rahman, current EMA President (Ad Interim) said –‘this auditorium is filled with people who are enthusiastic about the Erasmus Mundus. These motivated volunteers are working to improve the experiences of students and alumni all over the world and promote the values of education, diversity, excellence, development, and equality through promoting European higher education across the globe. He also mentioned this event as ‘a special incentive for the active and passionate EMA volunteers and members, providing a great opportunity for networking, and establishing themselves as the key ambassadors of EMA to the global Erasmus community.



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